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Insta360 Air | affordable 360° camera!

Affordably Dope! Are you a fan of those 360 cameras that are going around? This one will catch your attention. Here, I'm talking about the Insta360 cameras. Particularly the Insta360 Air . It's a small camera system that attaches to your phone via microUSB or type C port and gives that awesome 360° footage. What sets it apart from other options out there, Luke the Gear 360? Well, it's affordable! Almost half the price of the Samsung 360 cams. And the quality isn't too bad either. Cool and trippy photo modes! The pairing is super simple. It's very compact so there's obviously no room for a battery to be built in. It draws power directly from your phone. Since it connects via the USB port, you don't have to worry about pairing it via Bluetooth or WiFi. You might have some concerns about it draining your phone's battery, but don't worry. This thing is tiny and won't suck too much juice out of your device. Besid