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[Smartphones] | OnePlus 5T | Is this the ONE?

New and improved?! So, the amazing OnePlus 5 is discontinued, again. OnePlus has pulled another one of their "holiday season release" cards and have already put out the new and improved 5T in the market. But I'm a bit sad for the Oneplus 5 users, because the 5T is everything that was missing from the 5. Here's why I think it is the phone you were waiting for. Design: The 5T is the 2017 version of the 5. The taller aspect ratio, the face unlock feature (more on that later) make it slightly more appealing than the original 5. Build quality remains the same, with the slippery aluminum back and extremely well crafted buttons. They make that rigid,   satisfying click on every press. It's actually very underrated but is am important aspect of a phone's overall feel. And the OnePlus 5T nails it, just like the 5 did.                                      Display : Last year, OnePlus made a cheap excuse of why they didn't include a full view disp