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Solved! How to delete Ubuntu Grub from Windows using CMD

Dual-booting Windows and a Linux based operating systems has been a thing for a very long time now. Each OS has its own plus points, and thankfully we don't have to choose between them. But if for whatever reason you chose to delete the Linux partition and go solo with Windows, you may end up with a screen like this: This happens when you simply delete the Ubuntu (or any other Linux distribution that you previously had) from its partition and reboot straight away. You should've actually deleted Ubuntu's GRUB image as well from the boot partition so that your computer knows which operating system it has to boot, and which boot image to look for. This can easily be done using Windows Command Prompt and its DiskPart utility. But now that you're stuck in this black GNU screen, you must be thinking how to get back into Windows from GNU GRUB Screen. Here's a video I made a while ago where I go through the steps i.e GRUB commands you need to type in order to locate your

Windows 7 is dead! How to upgrade to Windows 10 for free

R.I.P Windows 7 As of today, Microsoft pulled the string on Windows 7 which is now dead for all intents and purposes. If you are still on that platform, you will no longer continue to receive updates and support from Microsoft, so it's high time you Upgrade! In this article, you will find some simple steps to follow by which you can upgrade your Windows 7 machine to Windows 10 for free. How to get the free Windows 10 upgrade As long as your computer is running on a genuine (licensed) copy of Windows 7, the upgrade should be a breeze. You will get the fully-featured windows 10 up and running at no extra charge for the software itself. Note that if your machine is from around the same time when Windows 7 first came out, then you may want to consider investing in a hardware upgrade for a better experience with the new operating system. If you're doing a fresh install of Windows 10 OS image on another system, just make sure you provide a valid W

How to shoot films on your smartphone without any additional gear!

A lot of my friends seem to think that you can't shoot great videos without expensive camera gear. Well, I beg to differ. I believe that with the technology we currently have in our pockets, wonderful things can be created. Everything else hat comes along, like expensive cameras, tripods, lenses, lights, acoustic gear, are all optional accessories that should be added in only on personal interest and not as necessities. So, when an opportunity presented itself where I found myself with just my phone's camera and nothing else, I decided to put something together, and here it is! Watch the video, see if you like it. I promise you, there's a lot more where that came from! so, stay tuned. Check out my little place on YouTube for more such shitty, no-budget shorts! If you are willing to spend something into your smartphone videography rig, here are my favorite items from amazon: 1. SYVO Sturdy 50 inch Tripod 2. iVoltaa Wide angle Lens 3. A clip-on rechargeable LED R

How to capture stunning pictures and videos using any smartphone!

Photography does not require professional quality tools anymore. With insane development in Smartphone camera technology, and with phones like the Google pixel, iPhone XS, or Note 9 being made, there is absolutely no need for you to have any additional camera gear to produce stunning photos. You don't even have to get an expensive flagship to produce great quality photos. Even if you have a decent mid ranger with above average camera hardware, you can still take some amazing pictures with the help of some additional (free) apps. Since the selection is vast and filled with apps that are either incompetent or needlessly complicated, it's easy to get lost and confused. But not to worry, mate! In this article, I'll share with you the top photography/videography related apps that will help you make the most of your camera hardware, and produce great quality footage. Let's divide this article into 2 sections and handle each one separately. It will be a bit cle

[HowTo] | How to Airdrop from iPhone to iPhone

1. How to AirDrop Files from iPhone to iPhone Follow these simple steps below and get started. Step 1: Switch on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on both iPhone devices. There is no need to connect to a network. Step 2: Swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone screen to open the 'Control Center' . Step 3: Click on 'AirDrop.' Then you can choose either 'Contacts Only' or 'Everyone' to send or receive data from you. Step 4: Choose the file(s) you wish to transfer. For instance, go to the Contacts App and select the contact that you want to share on another iPhone device. Step 5: Tap on the Share button and select the iPhone with which you are sharing your files. It should be visible on your screen. Step 6: From the receiver's iPhone, they choose 'Accept' to access the files sent from your device. AirDrop contacts 2. Problem Locating Another iPhone When You AirDrop? There will be instances where you are not able to share files

[HowTo] | How to Factory reset a disabled iPhone without iTunes [Fixed]

No iTunes Required! This problem occurred to me when one of my friends approached me a few days ago with his disabled iPhone 5S, asking me to recover it. I knew that you needed iTunes account to reset it, but I did not know that you could do it without one. So, I decided to take a closer look at it and write some steps here by which you can reset your iPhone which has been disabled without accessing of iTunes for it. We're going to use Siri! By the time you're reading this, I am sure that you are iPhone runs and iOS version higher than 8.0, which means you can use Siri to factory reset your disabled phone. This is actually a loophole which was present on the versions of iOS 8 all the way to iOS 11, but we can exploit it for the right reason this time. 1. Activate Siri by pressing the home button and then ask what time it is. Siri will show you the present time and also a clock. You have to tap on the clock icon. 2. You will be taken to the clock i