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Are Old Flagship phones worth it? Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - 2021 Revisit

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was an amazing smartphone back in 2018. It improved upon pretty much everything that the cautiously launched Note 8 lacked; A bigger battery, way better (stereo) speakers, Better performance, and of course, improved cameras. I am one of the many users who still own and swear by their Note 9 even as we start marching through 2021. That made me wonder, perhaps a revisit or re-review of sorts is an order for my trusty Note, 2 something years after its launch.    Should you buy an older flagship in 2021? let's take a look at how the Note 9 has aged.   The physical build is probably the least affected one here. The metal frame has a few scratches and so does the display; general wear and tear of sorts. Nothing out of the ordinary to report.   The beautiful 1440p QHD+ AMOLED Display, despite physically being at "only" 60 Hz, due to faster animations on Sammy's new One UI 2.5 software skin, feel like almost 90 Hz.      The new UI also brings

[Tech Flashback] | Should you buy a Galaxy Note 8 in 2018?

Yep. I bought a Galaxy Note 8 for my personal use in 2018 instead of the Note 9 which I planned for. Although it was mainly because of the price difference between the two, and also because I managed to grab a great discount on it, I was also curious as to how much of a difference does the Note 9 actually have over it's predecessor. I mean, sure. The Note 8 is already a year old and you have surely seen a ton of reviews, read details articles and such on the technical side of the phone. So naturally, you don't need me to tell you that it's still a great buy in 2018. You already know that much. Instead, I'm going to tell you how much value does it really add to your everyday life if you choose to rocket as your daily driver. This article includes The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. This is somewhat of a personal documentary as opposed to a standard tech post. Keep in mind that I will be making a lot of comparisons of this with my older phone to justify the r

Tech flashback: Nokia McLaren, with real 3D touch!

Remember the Nokia Lumia 1020 ? With the huge 41 megapixel pure view camera on the back? Yeah, it had a successor. A flagship that never hit the market. This is a tech flashback on Nokia's last Windows flagship smartphone under the possession if Microsoft, the Nokia McLaren. The Mclaren had a lot of power trapped inside it. The most notable was the real 3D touch feature, that made use of the sensors all around the phone to recognize your palm. It could even sense your finger hovering above the display, something similar to Samsung's air gestures, but much more effective. Or at least, it was going to be. The phone recognized the changes made in the electron distribution on the touch panel when your hand or finger approaches the screen. This triggered various built in features, like a ripple like animation on the windows tile when you hower your finger above the display.  If you approached a tile with your finger, it would trigger a feature