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Noise ColorFit Pro Review: Better wait for Version II

Fitness trackers have evolved from being simple band without display to a full fledged smart watch like experience over the years. I have reviewed a bunch of them in my time, but never before have I seen dedicated fitness tracker under a budget with a color display. Since the manufacturer was advertising this product so I will link my thought and get my hands on it and give you my honest opinion. This fitness tracker brought another one of my favorite brands, Mevofit , to my attention and I'll check out their new product soon. So, stay tuned for that. But let's evaluate this one now. Unboxing and Impressions: I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed unboxing this thing. The presentation is quite amazing and is very well organized. The watch body and straps are presented neatly and are easy to take out and assemble. There's also a proprietary clamp style charger in the box, which I am NOT a fan of. Sure, it's cool to just clip your watch into it and wa

[Wearables] | Xiaomi Mi band 3 Review

The world of fitness bands and accessories is a vast and interesting one. I never considered myself to be a fitness freak but even a fitness tracker is a part consumer tech. And you know that here at Dope Tech Fever, it's my passion and responsibility to check out as many of the cool consumer technology products regardless of the target audience. I got my first hands-on exposure to fitness trackers when a company called Mevofit offered me their fitness band. You can find the in-depth review of it here . But that fitness band was pretty expensive in my opinion. So when a new contender in the market at nearly half the price and more features got my attention, I could not resist when I got a chance to check it out for myself. Yep, I'm talking about the new Xiaomi Mi band 3 , and this is my hands-on review. First Impressions of the band and I got me thinking "damn, that looks prettier than mine!". The rounded corners and the pebble like shape of the Mi band 3

[Wearbles] | Mevofit Drive Review | Is it worth the price?

The world of smart wearables is growing at an alarming rate. With smartwatches and fitness trackers taking over the wearables universe, I couldn't really step away the game being a tech enthusiast. So when Mevofit offered me one of their fitness trackers to review, I couldn't deny. After spending a few weeks with the Mevofit Drive , this is my full review. On first Impressions, the build quality of the device and the wrist band amazed me. They gave me the multi color option, so in my box I had two more bands of different colors, other than the one which was already installed around the device. I wasn't planning on making much for fashion statement with this initially, but after switching the default black wristband for the mild red one in the box, it does look quite nice. When compared to other fitness trackers in the market, one thing that stood out to me about this device's charging mechanism. It's unlike any other thing I've seen out there. the b

[Wearables] | Intel made some non-geeky smart glasses | Intel Vaunt

Is this what we Vaunt ? The world of wearable tech is vast and is still growing at an incredible rate. But almost all of that growth is seen in the smartwatch department, as any other form of "wearable" tech seems unconventional, foe very good reasons. The reason why smartwatches are such a hit is because you could have almost any kind of interface on them without looking like a goofy alien in public. It stays on your wrist and only comes into picture when you actually want to use it. Intrusive tech has never been very catchy among the public and the failure of Google Glass is a prime example of it. Smart Glasses be like.. That smart spectacle had a prime display, a camera, a microphone and a touch sensitive pad on the right ear side. It didn't look like a smart glass, but more like the Scooter scanning glass from Dragon Ball Z (if you got that reference, you should grow up). Now, Intel has also made a smart glass which has none of the above mentioned traits