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Download YouTube videos instantly!

Okay, this post is a bit different. It isn't about any dope gadget or vehicle out there. It's more of a really cool trick to download videos from YouTube.
Now, there have been several ways to do this since the beginning of time. But there has always been one or the other issue with it.
The common way which most of us followed is by using a third party video downloader app. That's cool, but what if I tell you, you don't need any apps at all!
You can download YouTube videos at 720p as mp4 files, just by adding 2 letters to the URL!!

I didn't believe it would work so well, until I started doing it myself. All you need to do is, add ss between http:// and youtube words in your URL and hit enter. That's it!?!
What this will do is redirect you to this website. It's called | Free online YouTube downloader.

There have been several others like this, such as or, but none of them work as well as this one, right here.