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[Smartphones] | Nubia's Red Devil Gaming phone

New gaming champ? ZTE's sub brand Nubia has touted a new gaming phone release, named as the Red Devil . Apparently Nubia has its own brand known as Red magic , which was instructed to make a gaming phone debut. They have ended come up with their device, and it looks absolutely stunning. Let's learn a little bit more about it. New beauty! In the modern world of 18:9 slabs of Glass phones, then a devil gaming phone is a refreshing change. That flashy red colour, the new iconic hexagonal fingerprint sensor cutout, and not to mention that incredible pulsating LED strip that runs along the back, all give this phone a one of a kind appeal. Hexagons seem to be there main and friends behind these phones design, as even the Camera sensor cutout and the flash are in hexagonal shapes. There is also a black color variant of this phone, which looks equally sexy. I just prefer flasher colors by taste, hence I like the red one more. Look at this thing! But unfortunately,

[Accessories] | Clip-on camera lenses | Are they any good?

"mobile photography gig"? I'm pretty sure that you have seen one of these incredibly cheap mobile lenses out there. They are usually sold in combos of two or three lenses in a pack. Commonly, one of those will be a fish eye lens, the other will be a wide angle or a telephoto zoom lens, and another one might be a macro lens. I was quite curious, just like you probably are, as to how good these cheap add-on lenses actually are. So, I decided to give it a shot. I ordered one of these three in one Universal clip on lens combo from . If you are from India, you and I both know that you get cheap variants of items on ShopClues, and I didn't want to spend too much for this "test" of mine, so don't judge me! Photography under a budget! Besides, your only focusing on very cheap mobile lenses, which promise some exceptional results out of your smartphone's camera. I personally use the Galaxy S7 . It has a pretty good camera as you m

[Smartphones] | This phone has an 11000 mAh battery! | Blackview p10000 pro

Just when we all thought that phone batteries could not get higher than 10000 mAh, a smartphone from an unheard Chinese brand came along and raised the bar for all of them. That's right, the Oukitel K10000 is not the highest battery capacity phone out there right now. Not anymore! The new crown for the biggest battery phone has been claimed by a device from a company called Blackview . The phone has been named as Blackview P10000 Pro . This phone has a massive 11000 mAH battery in it. Even I don't have a clue why it has been named as P10000 and not P11000. But that's not the point. If you are fascinated by this phone and want learn more about it, keep scrolling. Even though this is the first time time I've heard about the company, when I visited their website I was genuinely surprised. They have a ton of Amazing devices over and their website at incredibly affordable prices. I wonder why I haven't heard about them earlier. But I guess they'll get t