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MWC 2019 Barcelona Highlights : All important updates from LG, Huawei, Sony, Nokia, and more!

Mobile World Congress is in full swing and we are witnessing an unprecedented amount of 'revolutionary' mobile devices being launched. LG has come up with successors to its G and V series phones. Huawei showcased their answer to the Galaxy Fold. Nokia showed up with the Nokia 9 PureView and a bunch of other affordable phones. The 5-camera monster is now finally a reality. Sony came up with the world's first smartphone with a 4K 21:9 OLED display! I'm hoping to cover all these in this single article. Let's get on with it! LG Event Highlights: LG G8 is now official, and it comes with some new motion tracking tech inside. Most of the design remains similar to the G7, except the G8 skips on the earpiece speaker. Instead, the entire top half of the display vibrates and acts as a piezoelectric earpiece, similar to what we saw on the OG Mi MIX. They're calling it the Crystal Sound OLED. The phone now uses its front time-of-flight sensors to

The Cheapest Truly Wireless earbuds on Amazon : Are they any good?

Looks to me that the truly wireless earbuds space is getting a whole lot bigger each day. I am witnessing more and more new players in the game who are offering amazing value for your money. In the process of testing out all these new TWS devices, I myself switched over to the wireless side. I'm currently using the SENCER TWS 5.0 as my daily driver earphones. you can check out my full thoughts on that awesome pair of ultra- affordable earbuds here. Soon after I worked with SENCER, another company named Arbily asked if I can check out one of their more affordable T02S wireless earbuds. Obviously, I said yes. After using them on and off for over a month, here's everything I have to say about 'em. Build and Design: My current earbuds have a swiveling cradle. You have to hold the body with one hand and rotate its butt with the other. It's nice and tight (the rotation, you perverts), but is a pain to do with one palm. My fingers are slightly longer than average, so

Samsung Galaxy S10 series : Punching holes into infinity!

Samsung has officially lifted the veils from its 10th gen Galaxy S series of smartphones. Yeah, the leaks were pretty much accurate, as usual. We have multiple different sized phones with punch hole front cameras. So, there are three new phones this year. The standard Galaxy S10, the Galaxy S10 Plus, and a third one's called the Galaxy S10e. The new displays: The most obvious difference between the three are there screen sizes. The S10 has a standard 6.1 inch display, the S10+ has a 6.4 inch display, and the S10e, being a smallest of the bunch, has a 5.8 inch display. Obviously, with the new punch hole cameras, there's a much higher screen-to-body ratio this time. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 91%. And of course, as we've come to expect from Samsung's tech standards, their displays continue to be absolutely gorgeous. They're one of the main reasons why I can't easily use some other non Samsung smartphone as my daily driver.

Samsung Galaxy M10 and M20 : Samsung finally gave up!

Samsung finally answered the prayers of budget phone lovers buy releasing their new Galaxy M series smartphones. As you might've already seen, these phones embrace a new design language and a much more affordable price tag. But are they truly as wonderful as they are made out to be? Should you even buy them in the Xiaomi-dominated budget segment? Let's see if we can get to a viable decision. What's good with the new M's The Build and Design: Both the M10 and the M20 has a pretty decent build quality. The lower end M10 is just as well made as the M20, which is great. Build quality should never be a cost cutting measure. Xiaomi was the first company to realize it, and thankfully, Sammy picked that up. However, it's worth noting you're not gonna get any metal or glass here. Both phones are made of a poly carbonate unibody. But they don't look or feel cheap by any means though. Even with the ginormous battery inside, the M20 mainta