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Oppo's New Flexible 'Waterfall" Displays!

Flexible curved displays aren't anything new for most of us who keep up with modern tech. But we known only one major manufacturer who pioneers the curved displays, Samsung. We've seen them do it with pretty much every single model over the years starting from the Note Edge in 2014. A few other manufacturers also tried their hand, like Vivo with their 'XPlay' Series, but didn't see much success. Now, right when Huawei is planning something big for their Mate 30 Pro, Oppo went ahead and stole the spotlight with their new flexible display that bleeds 88° over the edges. They're calling it " The Waterfall Display ", and it's a lot more curved than your everyday Galaxy flagships. As of now, I have no way of comparing it to the present display king, the S10+, and judging its quality. We just have to admire that they managed to do something like this and drool over what's coming next from the likes of Huawei and S

Plextone G20 Review: The Absolute Best Gaming Earphones In This Price!

Plextone is not an unheard name when it comes to making bang on budget gaming headphones. I have tried out their G30 and G15 quite a long while ago. Although they both were revolutionary in their own right, they had quite a lot of room for improvement. A bit too much room, given their price tags at the time. But out came the G 20 , a brief silence later, to impress and marvel gamers and non-gamers alike! You might’ve guessed from the title that I’m sold on these! So, let’s take a detailed look at it, shall we? Build and Design: Right from the box, the G20 looks to leave a mark in your mind with its bold streaks of flashing green and words like “ Hammering in the Bass ”! It’s presented in a manner that does justice to the actual beast that it is. Coming from the Plxtone G15, I immediately felt the improvement in build quality as soon as I picked ‘em out of their plastic bed. The magnets on the back of the ear pods, which I love, have managed to be around. 

These Cheap Earphones Can Charge Your Phone! | Vaburs Wireless Earbuds Review

Hello, we meet again! Coincidence? Maybe it's fate! Yeah, sorry about that, I've been watching way too many dramas recently. We're here to look at a new pair of truly wireless earbuds. These are, in fact, the cheapest ones I could find on They cost only 1500 Rupees , and frankly, they're not half bad! Build and Design: These buds are made by a brand named Vaburs , who sems to be primarily a case maker for smartphones. Strangely enough, there isn't a single mention of the brand name on the packaging, or even the product itself for that matter. The only place where the logo appears is on the thick, foamy carry case provided in the box. The picture of the item on the box matches the product itself, so it isn't the wrong package or something. Not sure what's going on there, but let's move on for now. When I first took the cradle out of its plastic bed, I was surprised by how heavy the thing is. It's also muc

Noise ColorFit Pro Review: Better wait for Version II

Fitness trackers have evolved from being simple band without display to a full fledged smart watch like experience over the years. I have reviewed a bunch of them in my time, but never before have I seen dedicated fitness tracker under a budget with a color display. Since the manufacturer was advertising this product so I will link my thought and get my hands on it and give you my honest opinion. This fitness tracker brought another one of my favorite brands, Mevofit , to my attention and I'll check out their new product soon. So, stay tuned for that. But let's evaluate this one now. Unboxing and Impressions: I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed unboxing this thing. The presentation is quite amazing and is very well organized. The watch body and straps are presented neatly and are easy to take out and assemble. There's also a proprietary clamp style charger in the box, which I am NOT a fan of. Sure, it's cool to just clip your watch into it and wa

Xmowi "Gaming" Headphones Review : A Flexible Mess!

The word "gaming" is so overused, it isn't even amusing anymore. From gaming mouse to RGB chairs to frigging gaming sandals, it's a pretty weird genre of graphics enthusiasts. I am no hardcore gamer by any means. Heck, I haven't even played PUBG for more than a few hours! But that doesn't mean the whole realm of RGB gothic gear doesn't excite and entice me.  Hence the review. I decided to check out some inexpensive "gaming" headphones from a brand whose name is as futuristic as the players themselves; Xmowi. Banter aside, the headphones are actually not that bad. Or are they? Unboxing and Impressions: The packaging was pretty below average at best. I suppose they're skimping out on the packing foam due to environmental mindfulness, in which case, full points for Eco-friendliness. The product itself is made out decent quality plastic and seems durable enough to survive a few months of moderate wear and tear.