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[Smartphone review] | Samsung galaxy Note 8 | Not the Note we wanted!

Here we are! I'm done learning about the newest Note from Samsung, and these are my final thoughts on the Galaxy Note 8. See if you agree with my review below.
Design: The Samsung galaxy Note 8 has an incredibly premium metal and glass sandwich design language, much similar to the Galaxy S8. It does feel a bit mote squared than the super comfortable S8 and S8+. The rounded corners of the S8 make it a bit more easier to handle than the Note 8.
It feels fine to hold onto, but you feel the bottom corners stopping you from comfortably reaching the top of the display.
It's totally understandable that they needed a flat side to store their S pen stylus, but the Note still feels bulky even with the bezel less display.
That said, the galaxy note has always been a two handed device. It's big because it's meant to be and is expected to be big!

If you want it to be a single handed device, you'll have to employ the single handed mode half the time. Just triple tap the home …

[News]| iOS 11 control center | Doesn't really give you contol!

iOS 11, Apple's hot new update for iPhones and iPads! It brings a bevy of new features to the table, most notable among which is the new control center.
A lot of us love the new design, with added customization of tiles and a grid like layout for easy navigation, it has won several Apple fans over. But there seems to be a deceptive fact about it.
Switching off Bluetooth or WiFi from your control center doesn't really switch them off! It seems that the iOS 11 control center doesn't turn off the wireless radios as you toggle them when required. It simply disconnects present connections, but keeps the antenna active and searching for other networks.
No wonder battery standby times have gone down!

If you want WiFi to be really switched off as you are visually made to believe, you need to do that yourself by heading over to the respective settings page.
I think it defeats the entire purpose of having a shortcuts panel on your OS. What's the point of a control center whic…

[Apps] | Save money while shopping online! | Voodoo shopping assistant

Here is an app that will forever solve your problem of finding the best deal for a product you have on mind, while online shopping. A layer of black magic over your shopping apps!

Presenting Voodoo.

An app that automatically analyzes the product you are viewing in any shopping app, say Amazon, flipkart or whatever, and find best deals across all other online stores.

You can just touch the floating voodoo bubble and directly jump to the page. No more searching and Manual comparing!

 I've been using it for over a year, and thought that I should share it. So yeah, you're welcome.

Go ahead, give it a try : Download from Google Play

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[Smartphones] | iPhone X | iPhone 8 and 8 plus

It's finally here. The iPhone 10th edition, namely the iPhone X. It's supposed to be called 'iPhone 10', just so you know.
Apple released 3 new phones this time around, 2 of them were expected refreshes to the existing 7 and 7 plus models, i.e the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus. Nothing's too special about these two. They have a glass back to support QI wireless charging this time, and they are powered by the new A11 Bionic Chipset from Apple. That's all that is new with these two. Let's move over to the new kid on the Apple store, the iPhone X. It's nothing like any other phone/iPhone that we've seen before it (thankfully).
The front is almost entirely covered up by the display, except a sensor array on top, which Apple is calling as the TrueDepth Array. It houses the earpiece, the front camera, the dot projector, the IR camera, and other typical sensors.
Speaking of the massive new display, it's a OLED panel, which is called a 'Super Retina&…

[Smartphones] | Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 | The bezel less successor!

Remember the Xiaomi Mi Mix? The living concept phone from 2016, with that crazy 91% screen to body ratio?! It just received a sequel. And yes, it's called the Mi Mix 2.
The original Mix was a terrific smartphone which didn't receive as much attention from buyers, as it deserved. Xiaomi wants to do something about it with this iteration.
They've done a few changes onto the design, and hopefully make it more appealing to the average consumer.
First of all, the Mix 2 is smaller than the original Mix. The display is reduced to 6 inches (QHD) from the original 6.4 inches.
It's an AMOLED panel this time, with punchy saturated colors and deep blacks. It looks fantastic.
The fingerprint sensor on the rear is even faster than before. It's always nice to see great stuff get even greater! Speaking of design, the back is still made out of ceramic. But the frame on the standard edition Mix 2 is made our aluminium.
There's a special edition of the phone with a ceramic un…

[Smartphones] | Stock Android on a Xiaomi phone!? | Xiaomi Mi A1

This is the first time I am this happy with a Xiaomi budget phone, because of the software it's rocking! Android One is back, and it's partnered up with the Chinese giant this time.
The result is a Xiaomi phone running on stock android! No more bloated, childish MiUI! Introducing, the Xiaomi A1.
To be clear, I was always positive about the Redmi series of budget smartphones that offered good value for money. But there was one thing which I found as totally unpleasant; the UI.
I am not a big fan of these iPhony Chinese user interfaces, and MiUI is no different. It was the only thing that stopped me from personally recommending a Xiaomi smartphone to someone, unless they're really on a tight budget.
But that's all about to change now (hopefully). My initial impressions are highly positive on the Xiaomi A1. Spec wise, it is powered by a Snapdragon 625 CPU, clocked similar to the Redmi note 4, with 64 GB internal storage and 4 gigs of RAM. There is also the Adreno 506 …

[Smartphones] | The LG G6 | Price dropped

The LG G6 is a pretty unique looking device, for obvious reasons. The gorgeous display on the front with a screen-to-body ratio of 80% gives an iconic premium looks to it.

The display is also rounded on the corners, which gives a uniform smoothness to it. It's nice to look at, in a market flooded with regular, rectangular display phones.

It's often the small design elements that greatly impact the overall feel of the device. LG's choice of keeping the lower button/ fingerprint sensor on the back have always been ideal, in my opinion.

The design is entirely comprised of metal and glass. The back panel looks like a different material, but it's actually glass. It isn't as rediculously glossy as the Galaxy S7 or the Jet black iPhone 7.

Though the 5.7 QHD inch display looks huge while kept on a table, it actually feels smaller than it looks. It's super bright too, at 650 nits.

LG have sacrificed a removable back and sealed the battery in this time. Instead, we'…

[Smartphones] | DON'T buy the new Galaxy Note 8!

You read it! I advise you against buying the shiny new galaxy note 8. I have a couple of facts to justify my stand on this, read along and see if you agree with me.
First off, let me be clear. I am NOT a fan boy of anything. I am being completely unbiased as always. So I don't have another company influencing me to hate the Note 8.
Okay, so the latest note retails for a hefty price. That is to be expected with every new premium Samsung flagship. But there's a problem this time. The galaxy S8!
The S8 and S8+ launched earlier this year are still among the best of flagships out there. Particularly the larger one. Granted you don't get the S-pen and the new dual camera system present on the Note, but it really isn't all that exciting.
Let me explain.
The S-pen is probably the most revolutionary thing that emerged in the mobile industry since early 2013. It was incredible, and still is very cool to have.
But it isn't all that justifiable at the present price tag of o…

[Headphones] | boAt bassheads 225 review | Durable bass earbuds

I've been using a lot of in ear headphones throughout my time. After my excellent JBL T110A was toast on one ear side, I had to look for a replacement.

This time, I didn't want to only focus on the audio output, but also on the build quality of the earphones themselves. I was done with these cables breaking off and going deaf at one ear all the time. So I found these, the bassheads 225 from a company called boAt.

Like most people, I'm all about dat bass! So I wanted to make sure that these headphones were as good as my earlier JBLs. So are they better?

Well, yes and no. They are certainly more rugged and durable. The flat cable is both thicker and more sturdy than the JBL' s flimsy round cables. These can take quite a lot of abuse, and still work just fine.

The standard 11 mm drivers on these buds certainly have some manner of bass boost to them. They sound almost equal to any other pair of earphones in this price range.

Sure, my JBLs were slightly superior in mat…

Is a $15 smartwatch worth buying? | CallMate DZ09 watch review

So this watch phone recently caught my attention. Honestly, it's price was the most attractive feature of the deal. I bought it, why the heck not?! It's called the Callmate Bluetooth DZ09 smartwatch, and after spending a while with it, I have to say you're getting a lot more than your money's worth here. So this is my review of what probably is the cheapest 'smartwatch' on the planet.

I say smartwatch with quotes because it's not exactly a smartwatch. It doesn't run on a smart OS like Android wear. It's the same platform that you used to find on the older 2006 phones, you know, them Java based OSs. Yes, it connects to your Android device via Bluetooth but it also takes it's own SIM card! So it can be used as a standalone mobile phone! So let's get that clear, it's an old mobile phone in a new body, strapped around your wrist. That's not a bad thing by any means, as it has a ton of features in it. Let's take a physical overview f…