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Realme X Full Review : I'm Impressed!

Oppo's Child company Realme has been making headlines lately with their new releases. I had heard a lot of great things about their U series of phones, but then they came out with a new one: the Realme X . It seemed to be a promising phone with a pop-up camera, an AMOLED screen with an In-display fingerprint sensor, and more for the price of around 16 Thousand Indian Rupees. I thought it would be a great gift for my cousin, so I bought one. After using it for a while before passing it on to its new owner, these are my thoughts on the 128+4 GB version of the phone. Design and Build: One of the most impressive things about modern day smartphones is their build quality. Even the most budget friendly options have fantastic hardware, at least on the outside. The realme X is made out of the usual premium recipe of a metal frame sandwiched between two glass sheets, the front glass being Gorilla Glass 5 and the rear one being some strengthened tempered glass.