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Xiaomi and Oppo showcase their Under-Screen Front Camera Tech on Twitter!

It's happening y'all! "In-screen cameras will soon be upon us!" ( Imagine Morgan Freeman saying that in a serious voice ) I for one haven't witnessed such an overdue news in a while. THIS is the real solution to the notches and popups and secondary rear screens. Self portraits are key to human survival after all! Tech giant Oppo recently tweeted this video in Twitter showcasing an under screen sensor which works like a normal selfie camera, but disappears i to the UI when not in use. It looks incredible in that short 480p clip, but the concept is far more phenomenal. The fact that Xiaomi also released their version of the same tech on their Twitter account strengthens my ( and Morgan Freeman's ) hope that phones these sensors will soon be upon us. The way they managed to get this to work is quite extraordinary. They've used a transparent display cutout where a traditional punch hole camera would be. The pi

Microsoft's New Surface Neo and Surface Duo Folding Devices For 2020

Microsoft is no stranger to dope hardware. Though they aren't usually the first ones to rush into a new trend, they make sure their presence is felt when they do arrive there eventually. Pioneered by the likes of Samsung and Huawei, folding phones have been one of the hottest things 2019 has offered us till now. Though the Galaxy Fold wasn't exactly all that we thought, and the Mate X is far from being commercially available, the market is obviously very much vacant for new players. Enter the Microsoft Surface Pro line of folding devices! There are two versions of their new devices. The Surface Neo and the Surface Duo . The Surface Neo is more like two tablets slapped together, which opens up into a small laptop form factor. Two 9- inch displays connected with a strong hinge constitute the entire device. You can run split-screen apps, extend the display, all the good stuff. The Neo is running on Windows 10X , which desktop-class app

Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha: Wrap-around screen, 100-Megapixel camera!

Concept phones have been getting crazy for a few years. Not only are they made into real-life working models, but they are beginning to ship after a year of refinement! The Xioami Mi MIX Alpha is a concept phone which defies all boundaries set by other phones with their notches and bezels. The thing has a crazy 180.6% screen-to-body ratio on that wrap-around screen which meets at the thin camera strip on the back. What's more, the screen runs at 90 Hz! This camera strip is the one that houses the crazy Samsung-made 108-Megapixel sensor with ultra-pixel technology for true high-resolution images. You don't need a selfie camera, as the display extends all the way till the back. So you can use the 108 Megapixel standard+ 12-megapixel telephoto + 20 Megapixel Ultra-wide sensors for your overkill self-portraits. There are a whole ton of other incredible features, such as a complete lack of physical buttons on the thing. Since there is no