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SJSW 2686 Speaker Review : Packs quite a punch in a tiny package

It looks like everybody is coming up with new models of Bluetooth speakers. A brand called SJSW got in touch with me and offered me their waterproof shower Bluetooth speaker in exchange for a review. It looked like a very interesting product, so I agreed to check it out. After 2 days of moderate usage, here is my full review of the SJSW 2686 Bluetooth speaker. Unboxing and First Impressions: The box was very minimalistic. It only contained the speaker and a proprietary pin style charging cable, which immediately spoiled my mood. I wish the speaker could be charged using a traditional micro USB port instead of this non-standard cable, which is highly uncommon. It means you have to carry this thing everywhere with you, and if you lose it or break It, you are essentially screwed. The speaker itself was pretty good build quality on the covering over the buttons world was distinct enough so that they can be pressed easily. There is a clear voice confirmation for every button

ZenBeats X7 Review : A bluetooth speaker that works better wired

I've always wanted a Bluetooth speaker for myself because sometimes, I feel like blasting music when I am out and about. A lot of us use our smartphones for it, but you might know that I use a Galaxy Note 8, and the loudspeaker isn't the note 8's stand out feature. Recently, a company called as ZenBeats reached out to me and offered a review unit of their X7 Bluetooth speaker . Needless to say, I was hyped! I replied to their Facebook message and got it delivered to me. It has been about Four days since I've been using the speaker, and I think I'm ready to give you my final thoughts on it. So, here is my full review of the ZenBeats X7 Bluetooth speaker. Unboxing and impressions: Unboxing experience of this product was, frankly, great. The box was properly sealed and the top cover was snugly fit on to the package. Along with a micro USB cable for charging, they have also included a short aux cable, which is a nice touch in my opinion. Thes

[Speakers] | Is this the BEST budget Bluetooth speaker? | UE ROLL 2

Looking for a killer Bluetooth speaker that is loud enough to, you know , be called a speaker,  but does not break the bank? I think the UE ROLL 2 could be the one for you. Portable but powerful This innocent looking Bluetooth speaker has enough volume to it that you can hear it well outdoors. It is a good companion if you like to splash around in the pool while listening to your tunes because it is IPX7 water resistant. It is very compact, about the diameter of your palm. It even has a grippy band, so you can fit it on your hand whilst dancing around the room. The shape makes it a lot easier to carry around in your backpack too, especially since all the other options are boxy and cylindrical in shape. This just feels a lot more flat and natural to carry about yourself. Courtesy: There are some fun features packed into this speaker unit, especially the block party . Here, up to 33 people can connect to a single UE Roll and ad their playlists. One person

Boat Stone 600: An awesome bluetooth speaker

A company called bo A t is making all the noise these days with their rugged cables and new trendy headphones. Now they've come up with what seems to be, the best bluetooth speaker out there right now. They call it the Stone 600 and I think it's awesome. The speaker is very well made. The sides have a unique grippy texture to them, which gives a secure  feel, wherever you place it. There is a cap that covers all the ports on the right side. The reason for that flap to exist is that this speaker is dustproof and IPx6 rated waterproof too. What's more, even if you did somehow manage to drop this grippy guy, it's shock proof. So no need to worry about any internal components getting damaged by ordinary, accidental slips and bumps. Water and Dust proof The cap on the right covers the 3.5 mm audio port, the microUSB charging port and an on/off switch. Once fully charged, boAt claims that these speakers give you up to 8 hrs of continuous usage. But

Top 5 levitating speakers!

This may not be the first time you've heard about magnetically levitating bluetooth speakers. Basically the speaker unit will float atop a magnetic disk fixed on to the rest of its body. So between the control unit and the speaker unit, these nothing but air! It looks absolutely alien or seems to be something that is back from the future!  Well it's actually bought from a store just like every other pair of speakers and in this post, I'll give you my top 5 levitating bluetooth speakers. It might help with your purchase in case you're interested. #1. UPPEL SC-25 LED ( @10,200 INR) This is a dope speaker that's quite affordable compared to the rest I've seen in this category. Although the build quality is just about average, the sound output is actually pretty good on these. They're probably worth taking a look at if you're buying one. Buy #2. Music Angel JH-FD19 ( @12,000 INR) This is a gorgeous speaker which is built to l