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Oppo and Nendo Studios design a 5-display "Slide phone" concept!

  Oppo is known for its bold designs and crazy ideas for smartphones. They brought along the rotating cameras with their N-series back in 2013, the rising camera visor on the Find X in 2019, the Rolling motorized display phone in 2020 to name a few. They have now partnered up with Nendo ; a well-known architectural design studio to create a bizarre phone concept with 5 screens and 4 folding hinges !     If you thought the galaxy Z2 Fold was a delicate thingy, well this one-ups that in pretty much every way. there are four places where this would structurally fail. But it's not made yet, just a concept at this point. So let's look at it from the same perspective.     The Phone is simply called the "Slide" phone, because it has so manuy folds, you have to slide the screens on top of one another to open it.      "The phone in its folded state is 54 mm by 86 mm, the size of a credit card, featuring three hinges folding over in the same direction. Like an inchwor