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5 best gaming headphones!

While looking for an ultimate gaming experience, audio plays just a major role as graphics and frame rates. Along with a monster gaming machine which you already might have, you need a great pair of headphones. Here are the 5 best gaming oriented headphones that you can buy. Do keep in mind, they aren't in any sort of rank, so whoever you buy, you'll have an awesome experience邏.

#1.  SteelSeries Siberia V3 prism This headphone does get the job done is producing punchy and heavy sounds. There's good amount of depth here and an excellent bass response. These are definitely worth checking out.
Price:10,000 INR or $150

#2. Razer kraken pro
This shouldn't be a surprise to most of you. This is one of the obvious and popular choices of gamers around the world. They're a bit snug around the ears to my liking, but the quality is super awesome. Just like other Razer gaming products落.
Price:7000 INR or $105

#3. Plantronics gamecom 788
This is one of the unheard companies to …

SWYP: A new way of printing!

Printers have been arguably, the least refined piece of tech out there. They have very slow update cycles and are barely worth any notice. People don't care about finding out a new level of awesomeness, in printing stuff. But a certain company called artefact grouphas taken the right approach and have made a brilliantly simple printer. It's called SWYPprinter. It stands for 'See What You Print' and it literally does just that!
For several years, we used the same old ink guzzling printers for pretty much everything. The company claims to make optimal use of every necessity, without compromising a seamless experience. The printer has a flap that you open up front. It reveals the path for the paper to slide out. 
The touchscreen interface comes online after that. It connects to your smartphone for fetching photos or it can even pull them out from your social media account邏. Once you touch and select the photo you want to print, you get a print preview. You can crop or …

Get Global radio channels anywhere!

I recently came across something pretty dope. It's not some hardware startup tech, just a website. What's so dope about a website? It can stream world wide radio channels, directly from your phone.  Doesn't matter what your location is. It's called Radio gardenand I think you should check it out.
Radio garden website demands a standard internet connection, just like any other normal website. You need not have any dedicated FM antennas on your device. Once it finishes loading, you get a 3D render of the globe with tiny green dots all over it. These are the active radio stations at the moment. 
All you need to do is align the '+' sign in the middle of the screen, with one of the dots you want to access, that's it. Your phone is now a radio that's tuned to that specific frequency! That's pretty dope if you ask me, especially for those of us who like some radio streaming sessions every now and then, apart from podcasts and YouTube. 
My dad really lo…

ChainFORM: A modular robot

Ken nakagaki from MIT's tangible Media group has come up with something interesting. A foldable reel of robotic segments that can interact with each other, like a single unit. Something similar to what we saw at the end of the Rajnikanth movie 'robot', where tiny robots connect with one another into forming a giant machine. This is something similar!

The project is an evolved form of an earlier advent called as LineFORM. It was a linear robotic development project which has now lead to this one, called chainFORM. The components have individual LED lights and motors, with several degrees of freedom.
They can detect how many of their partner components are live and work along with them. You can control their movements from the app interface available. It behaves like a cluster of tiny Legos, joined to look like a snake. The robots also seem to recognize external contact, so they can tell where they are being held.
The fact that the chainFORM is infinitely expandable, le…

The dot smartwatch

Visually impaired people cannot really live a full life like us, in a social perspective. They can't use social media or send and receive text messages easily, using a regular device. But what if a company made a braille version of a regular gadget, say a smartwatch. That's exactly what you're reading here! This is Dot, the world's first braille based smartwatch.
Designed by a Korean startup company Dot, the smartwatch works like any other regular one would. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth and sends notifications, messages, directions to the watch surface. The surface has tiny auto adjustable nodes that rise up and form the characters. The user can pick up the data by running a finger across it's surface. They can form up to 4 characters per second. 

Obviously, I don't know how well you can pick it up. But the target audience has a more precise and sensitive touch than ours. Judging by their reaction when they first saw this, I'd have to say it…

Huawei honor magic

This is probably the classiest phone I've seen since the note 7. This is Huawei's new AI based smartphone, called the honor magic. It's pretty awesome in more ways than one, and here's your first look at it.

The Huawei honor magic is, more or less 'magical' in a technical sense😁. The phone has some pretty cool artificial intelligence thingies going on, that amazed me. There's the Huawei's own DeepThink system and it combines itself with an IR based iris scanner, to show notifications only to authorized eyeballs😲! How amazing is that! No need to worry about intruders, peeping into your lockscreen anymore. Their eyes aren't welcome on the magical Huawei phone😎!

Spec wise, the magic is no slouch:
Runs on an octacore 2.3 GHz HiSilicon Kirin 950 processor4 GB of DDR4 RAM Mali T880 MP4 GPU64 GB non expandable storage2900 mAh battery5.1 inch QHD AMOLED display, with 71% screen-to-body ratio!🙌12 mp dual cameras sensors on the rear and an 8 mp selfie sna…

Apple airpods! Worth it??

There's finally been some movement with Apple and their delayed airpods. It seems you'll be blessed with them somewhere in January 2017. You might've considered buying one of them. But have you done your research? I have, and let me help you out a little.

As you know by now, Apple airpods are wireless Bluetooth earbuds that connect to your Apple devices, via an ingenious hardware, known as the W1 chip. What's awesome about it is that, as soon as you open the compartment of the pods, they turn on and your nearby apple device will instantly pick it up. Once you've connected on one device, you can easily connect them to every other Apple devices you have, with a single click. Pretty nifty, right?!

The carry case or the compartment of these pods is a pretty handy tool. They charge whilst they're in the case and a 15 min charge can set you off to about 2 to 3 hrs, which is awesome. If you keep them in it longer, you'll even pull out around a full day of usage.

Aero-X hoverbike

This is a working model of a hovering transportation vehicle. It's a bike that flies, with gigantic propellers! It's called the Aero-X, from a company called Aerofex. Here's why you I think it's dope.
The bike has two giant propellers, on the front and back. It has a seat where you sit on a posture like any other regular bike. Once you start this thing, you're hovering! There's are several tests done on it and I have to say, I'm impressed. I didn't expect such smooth take-off and landing on a show piece, like the one they have right now. The pilot seemed to have excellent control over the hoverbike and could easily make turns mid air, just by tilting it, as you'd a regular two wheeler.

It functions like any other bike while you're in air. You can control it's speed and tilt it to control it's direction. With it's advanced self balancing, you won't need to worry about toppling off of it. They say they're ready for commercia…

Boat Stone 600: An awesome bluetooth speaker

A company called boAt is making all the noise these days with their rugged cables and new trendy headphones. Now they've come up with what seems to be, the best bluetooth speaker out there right now. They call it the Stone 600 and I think it's awesome.
The speaker is very well made. The sides have a unique grippy texture to them, which gives a secure  feel, wherever you place it. There is a cap that covers all the ports on the right side. The reason for that flap to exist is that this speaker is dustproof and IPx6 rated waterproof too. What's more, even if you did somehow manage to drop this grippy guy, it's shock proof. So no need to worry about any internal components getting damaged by ordinary, accidental slips and bumps.

The cap on the right covers the 3.5 mm audio port, the microUSB charging port and an on/off switch. Once fully charged, boAt claims that these speakers give you up to 8 hrs of continuous usage. But judging by the speaker's large audio driv…

Vortex by DFRobot: An intelligent robot for kids!

There's a new kid in the robotics block, and he's called Vortex by DFRobot. The robot is designed for kids and I must say, it seems pretty dope. I saw this on Kickstarter and figured it's worth the time for many of you.
This guy looks like one of those automated vacuuming bots. It's semicircular flat design has a visor at front, with a series of LEDs. It glows in variety of colors and symbolizes quite a lot of expressions. It makes some cute voice overs too! It can be completely controlled with your phone. They have an app for iOS and Android, called VortexBot.  It connects via Bluetooth and you can drive the robot within the app. The robot is powered by 4 AA batteries. They recommend rechargeable ones, which is a good idea anyway.

Children can program this bot too, using a visual programming app called as WhenDo. It helps kids learn to program Vortex by interactive blocks, called modules. They can be rearranged to make your own sequence of movement and actions. Loo…

Meizu Pro 6: The iPhone has a twin!

If Apple made an Android phone, it would be like the Meizu pro 6. All previous meizu phones  showed strong Apple inspired design, but this year's Pro 6 takes the cake. This phone has 3D touch as well! Yup, this phone has the same pressure sensitive display as the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7. Is this phone any good? Here are my thoughts:
Design wise, we see the iPhone 7 in a 5.2-inch screen body. The antenna hands, the port cutouts, everything is same as Apple's latest phone. It's 158 gm on weight and is identical on thickness too: 7.3 mm. On the rear there's the camera with a unique ring flash. It has 10 amber and white colored LEDs. Not sure why would anyone need 10 LEDs, but the results aren't anything impressive. The brightness and colors produced by these LEDs are same as any other regular dual LED systems.
The display is a 1080p AMOLED panel at 424 ppi. Pretty sharp and bright, though not the brightest I've seen. Colors are great and there are the usual disp…