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Over 13,000 Vivo Phones Discovered with Fake IMEI Numbers

"Ah sh!t, here we go again" Vivo and their negligent smartphone sales division have yet again allowed hundreds of thousands of phones be sold in the black markets of India with shared IMEI numbers. It isn't uncommon for black market peddlers to sell multiple phones with either no or the same IMEI numbers on them. IMEI frauds, though illegal, continue to thrive in India due to the sheer lack of vigilance when it comes to distribution of phones and their spare parts from the Company's warehouses to local shops. This time, the issue came to light when Akhilesh N. Singh , Additional Superintendent of Police in Meerut, got his Vivo smartphone repaired from an authorized service station. Later on, when he couldn't connect to a cellular network, it was discovered that the phone's IMEI no longer matches the one mentioned on the box after it returned from the service station. This led to some further investigation down this rabbit hole, and over 13,000 smartphones with