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This multi-platform I/O software is Dope!

Boost your efficiency! Try and imagine yourself in a scenario where you need to get something done, and the tools you need are spread across three different systems. Which means you'll have 3 monitors to deal with, on your desk. Supposedly these 3 systems are running on different platforms like Windows, Ubuntu and Mac OS. Now your desk will naturally be cluttered by three sets of mice and keyboards, one for each system.  You'd kinda wish for a cleaner solution. And here it is: It's a software called Synergy. Synergy can be installed on all the three systems and it essentially allows you to use a single mouse and keyboard for all three systems, simultaneously. There's a small price to pay, which is either $19 or $29 depending on your choice of the basic or pro package, but once you pay, you get lifetime access to it. You also get universal clipboard to copy content from one system to another, which is very cool. You can drag files acro