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Blackberry is back, with buttons this time!

Back with them keys! Yup, it's here! The phone that was showcased at CES, but wasn't made clear over anything. Back then, the beautiful phone with a physical keyboard didn't even have a name and was called as 'mercury'. It's real name is now said to be the KEYone . It has caught a lot of obvious attention at MWC, and I'm not surprised! It had to be the hot new thing that everyone wanted a piece of. And these are some initial impressions over it. The phone is a super compact phone, meant to be used in one hand. It's textured back and rounded edges make for a very comfortable single handed experience. It's not the slimmest or the lightest thing out there, weighing almost 180 gm. But there's no arguing with the premium feel it gives in your palms or while it's in your pocket. The power button is on the left side as a TCL trademark and on the right, there's the volume rockers and a convenience key. It's common to mis

Tech flashback | Nokia 808 PureView

A legend! Nokia had a beast of a phone, back in the days of the galaxy S3 and the iPhone 4s. It was the great Nokia 808 , with a PureView 41 mp camera sensor! Even though it was later followed up by the Nokia 1020, this was the original phone with that mammoth camera sensor. In this age of amazing camera phones and 'selfie experts', I still think that this phone's camera quality is yet to be beaten. This deserves a flashback at least! So let's get to it. The phone's hardware is undoubtedly obsolete and is out of the option of being used as a daily phone in this day and age. But that's not to say that it can't go as a trophy camera phone in your pockets. Pretty dope, huh! Let's get the boring stuff out of the way, for the sake of it. These are the specs: A 1.3 GHz single core ARM11 processor 512 MB RAM 16 GB internal storage, expandable (not bad!) 1400 mAh battery 4 inch AMOLED display 14 Mbps HSDPA support

Motherbox | True wireless power!

Soccer ball lookin charger!? Smartphones have come a long way since the dawn of their age. We've seen small to insanely powerful ones, with great battery standby times. The only thing that hasn't seen a lot of innovation, is the charging department. Sure, the speeds are getting faster and faster with every new "quick charge" standard out there and there's also some degree of wireless charging available. But it's not truly wireless, is it?! The pod is still connected to the outlet via a 'wire' and you phone must be within 6 mm of the charging pod. So, even though there is technically no wire between your phone and the wall adapter, it's still bounded and needs to be placed down. The Motherbox ™ team hopes to fix all that. A marvellous concept is by Josh Yank , who has been working on the Motherbox for the past 3 years, and have finally found a presentable iteration of our dream product. I came across this name at the good o

LG 360° floating speaker

Okay, I confess. This isn't the latest stuff that's out there. In fact, it was already there at CES and slipped my thought to cover it. But hey, here it is! Better late than never, right!? Right now you're probably thinking, what sets this one apart from other levitating beauties out there. Frankly, nothing much! But it is made by LG and not some underdog Chinese manufacturer, so you can be all but certain that it will have 'dope' genes in it. In fact, I've already listed 5 of such speakers before. You can check it out if you like. Now let's get on with this one here. LG calls this the PJ 9 Bluetooth speaker. It has a stylish base and a pretty uniquely crafted top mount, which of course, levitates on magnets. The top part is more of a tweeter that emits out higher pitch audio and the base handles the bass, like a woofer. The sound quality is gonna pretty awesome, although they didn't showcase it there. But the build quality here is just t

Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 edge | Should you buy it in 2017?

This was Samsung's best! The galaxy S7 was one of my favorites back in 2016, and it still is. It was a stunning phone with a beautiful QHD display, great battery life and possibly, the best set of cameras. But just like any other great gadget, this thing also gets old. It gets replaced and forgotten(due to the S8). But such a wonderful phone cannot be given justice with just a single impression, at the time of it's launch. So here's another look at the Samsung Galaxy S7, one year later. Samsung's display is still gorgeous. Even after there have been several great displays out there on the LG V20 and iPhone 7, the galaxy flagship still holds it's own ground! The beautiful AMOLED panel ensures great viewing angles and vivid and a bit oversaturated colors. Though purists may not like the color accuracy on a Samsung AMOLED panel, you can't deny that this 'unnatural beauty' looks great. Even if you buy it right now, I can assure you that you'l