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Tribit Xfree Wireless Earphones Review

I'm getting quite a good number of requests to review some wireless 'sports' earphones. I heard Tribit is quite proud of their new Xfree Color sports earphones, so yeah, I got some. I'm honestly not the biggest fan when it comes to these sports style earphones. I'd much rather have some truly wireless ones instead. But I'll keep an open mind and get this review done. Hopefully you'll find it helpful. Build and Design: As I've mentioned in the video review. this is one of the strong suites of the product. For the price, the metal ear tips and the above average cable quality are welcomed factors. Though I am not very impressed with the mushy buttons and the relatively weak magnets, it still remains one of the best earphones in this budget in terms of hardware quality. The eartips aren't that big and heavy, so they gave me no issues in fit and comfort. The included wing tips made sure they sit securely in my ears even while

Are wired earphones even relevant anymore? Blaupunkt EM-10 Review

Blaupunkt is a relatively well-known brand when it comes to audio equipment. They've been around in the car speakers game for quite a while, and are now expanding into the mainstream consumer audio solutions like earphones and Bluetooth speakers. I'll try to get my hands on their new Soundbars and TVs, but for now, let's stick to the product they gave me. The EM-10 wired earphones. After being sent dozens of fancy truly wireless earbuds, reviewing a plain old wired earphone felt like it's not worth the effort, but hey, I thought why not cover another topic, which you already saw in the title along with this review. Check out the video version if you don't want to read through an article I wrote over an Ice-cream Scoop at the Ideal Cafe.   Design and Build quality: The shape or the earbuds are such that they push inwards and hold themselves into place. The cable is not tangle-free and gets tied up quite easily. There's a si