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Sencer E100 Truly Wireless Earbuds Review : Scores a Second Place!

The E100 wireless earbuds seem to be the most popular among all my product reviews. I find self reading a bunch of comments every week, most of them being queries over the E100. Y'all seem to know the difference between the E100 and other similarly priced TWS earbuds, which is fair enough. In this article, I have tried to do justice to the functional side of the E100 which I did not do in the video that was posted over 2 months ago. Let's get on with it then. Key Hardware Features: Compared to Sencer's own BS01 wireless earbuds, the main differences are primary in the design of this thing. It features a traditional magnetic flap design which is slightly easier open and close with one hand. However, I do wish there was a button to flip open the top lid because it's not very easy to do so with just your fingers. A secure top lid is primarily a good thing, but can be quite annoying since it tends to close very easily but not open just the same. Second majo

Muzili's TWS earbuds review : A love/hate relationship!

Ah, wireless earbuds. Words cannot do justice to the sheer magical experience made possible by the amazing tech inside those coin sized trinkets..atleast when they work as advertised. I have tried over 8 different Truly wireless buds at this point, and at first, none of them disappointed me as much as this one from Muzili did. But after forcing myself to use it longer, I've come to notice that it isn't all that bad. In fact, it's actually pretty darn good! The fit was damn near perfect from the get go, without even changing the eartips sizes, which was a first for me. The sound quality was way above what I expected given the unremarkable build quality of the buds and the case itself. Come to think of it, most of my complaints are with the case! These are the things that genuinely frustrated me with this thingy: Crappy case with mushy spring button to open the top hatch. It doesn't even fling it open, it just unlocks it. Meaning, you still need