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SENCER Truely Wireless Earbuds : Best Budget Bluetooth Earbuds I've Ever Used!

With the rate at which the headphone jacks on our phones are dying out, I think it's only fair that we adapt to Bluetooth headphones as fast as possible. I didn't want to make the switch voluntarily, but all these brand promotions are taking me into the wireless territory anyway. The more I use these Bluetooth speakers and headphones, even if it is just for a review, the better I understand why everyone's so fascinated about wireless solutions, and why manufacturers want to eliminate the audio jack to free up more space in their devices. It's all about convenience, and nowadays, you don't really need to give up anything in its favor! I usually don't like these " truly wireless " kind of earpods when it comes to audio device preferences. But I teamed up with SENCER , a company that makes such truly wireless earbuds, to try and give it an honest shot. And after week of usage, I am supremely impressed! This is my full review of the SE

How to capture stunning pictures and videos using any smartphone!

Photography does not require professional quality tools anymore. With insane development in Smartphone camera technology, and with phones like the Google pixel, iPhone XS, or Note 9 being made, there is absolutely no need for you to have any additional camera gear to produce stunning photos. You don't even have to get an expensive flagship to produce great quality photos. Even if you have a decent mid ranger with above average camera hardware, you can still take some amazing pictures with the help of some additional (free) apps. Since the selection is vast and filled with apps that are either incompetent or needlessly complicated, it's easy to get lost and confused. But not to worry, mate! In this article, I'll share with you the top photography/videography related apps that will help you make the most of your camera hardware, and produce great quality footage. Let's divide this article into 2 sections and handle each one separately. It will be a bit cle

SJSW 2686 Speaker Review : Packs quite a punch in a tiny package

It looks like everybody is coming up with new models of Bluetooth speakers. A brand called SJSW got in touch with me and offered me their waterproof shower Bluetooth speaker in exchange for a review. It looked like a very interesting product, so I agreed to check it out. After 2 days of moderate usage, here is my full review of the SJSW 2686 Bluetooth speaker. Unboxing and First Impressions: The box was very minimalistic. It only contained the speaker and a proprietary pin style charging cable, which immediately spoiled my mood. I wish the speaker could be charged using a traditional micro USB port instead of this non-standard cable, which is highly uncommon. It means you have to carry this thing everywhere with you, and if you lose it or break It, you are essentially screwed. The speaker itself was pretty good build quality on the covering over the buttons world was distinct enough so that they can be pressed easily. There is a clear voice confirmation for every button

Alexly LPT660 Review : What's it like to use an unbranded pair of headphones?

I've always wanted to switch to a Bluetooth headphone and luckily, a manufacturer was looking for reviews. Granted, it's not the most premium where I've ever seen my life, but I am pretty much satisfied with the sound quality. The company who made it are called Alexly, and after spending a week using their LPT660 bluetooth headphones, this is my full review. Unboxing and First Impressions: When I first received the packaging, I was pretty surprised to see absolutely no company branding anywhere on the box. It just had a text reading 'wireless headset' on over it. Take it out the box, I was rather disappointed with the build quality at first glance and feel. It's pretty plasticky feeling all over because it's entirely made out of average quality plastic. The question on the headband and here comes seems decent enough, but it's not extremely comfortable. More on that later. All of the buttons are all the rim of the right ear cup. I assum