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A headphone-speaker hybrid!!

Have you ever felt the need to share the awesome song you're nodding to, and wished for an immediate and loud source? This product here pretty much solves that problem and fuses a bluettoth speaker along with headphones. Introducing the HD Twist!
These are a pair of good looking, well made Bluetooth headphones, with a "twist"! With a flick of a switch, they start to behave as bluetooth speakers and burst out audio from the open back design. What surprised me is the neat finish of this product. Its so well made and the ear cups arent too bulky at all!
They're well suited for travel, as they can be used as headphones in a train or as speakers at a beach party! Flexibility is never a bad thing.
Are they the best sounding Bluetooth speakers/ headphones? Nope. They're not the best of both worlds. But they definitely offer you a good taste of both. The sound coming out of them is decently loud, in speaker mode and they're pretty plain when used as headphones. The…

Avegant glyph: A portable theater/headset!!

Do you find VR headsets to be too bulky? But you still want a full sized theater like experience, wherever you are?! This one is probably made for you. Presenting the Avegant Glyph, a portable theater/ entertainment hub.
Unveiled at CES, the Avegant Glyph is quite similar to a headphone. But it has two high quality lenses in the mid section. They help you to see pictures with stunning details with minimal eye strain. It takes input via a HDMI port, so it's pretty much compatible with your everyday media devices like laptops. You can even plug on your smartphones and tablets via simple adapters. Almost all smartphones have native HDMI support, so you're pretty much good to go, nomatter what you have with you.

It's lenses eliminate the need for a screen by projecting LED lights through hundreds of tiny mirrors. The audio coming out of the ear cups are also quite rich and immersive. It supports head panning, so you can really immerse yourself into those 360° videos, and …

Nexus 6P in 2017! Is it worth it?

You all know this guy. The best stock Android flagship: Nexus 6P. It was the 'Big news' of 2015. Google's new nexuses always gather a lot of attention at launch, but they quickly fade away amidst the fast growing premium devices segment. The 6P was an amazing device in more than one ways, so how does it hold up in 2017? Let's revisit the Nexus 6P and find out.
The Nexus 6P always had the most iconic design of the time. The curved metal back and the flashy camera visor, always stands out, till this day. The visor it's actually kept there to let electromagnetic signals reach the antenna, but I feel it's a perfect fusion of requirement and style. It was so well made, Huawei reused the same design on their new Nova smartphone. Check it out.

The 6P has a beautiful 5.7 inch 1440p AMOLED display (manufacturerd by samsung). It's crisp and saturated, with deep blacks and excellent brightness. You'll be very happy with the display panel on this phone. No doubt…

A super dope power bank!

Geeks are well aware of this one, and I confess I'm late to bring you this. But anyway, presenting the Anker PowerCore plus. A fast charging capable power bank.
This is, by far, the best one I've ever seen in the backup power department. It's packing 10,000 mAh of juice in it and is surprisingly handy for It's capacity. It has a solid matte finished metal body which they say, is 'laser cut'.  It has a microUSB port and a larger USB type A port, as outlets. What's interesting is that it comes with Qualcomm quickcharge 2.0 technology and can charge compatible devices up to 75% faster.
The included fast charging brick is also capable of quickcharge 2.0 and can also full up your devices 4 times over. It can be used to charge this power bank twice as fast. You can fully juice up it's huge battery in 3 hrs where it would usually take 6 to 7 hours with normal chargers.
It has this stylish LED ring on it which tells you the battery percentage left in it. Wit…

12 GB RAM on a smartphone!?

Turing robotics, bet you've heard about them somewhere. I've mentioned their earlier phone, the Turing phone here in my blog. This is another phone dubbed as the Turing phone Cadenza, a smartphone with mind boggling specs. So let's have a look.
This phone has already been announced and it's the first phone to feature the experimental new Snapdragon 830 CPU. Not one, but TWO chipsets!!.
Other specs are: 5.8 inch QHD (1440p) display12 GB of RAM  (possibly DDR4)60 mp rear camera and 20 mp dual front cameras! ( Holy crap!)Swordfish OS( with deep learning: artificial intelligence)1 TB storage ( two 256 GB internal+ 500 GB expandable)A Hydrogen fuel cell as battery!4 sim cards and support for WiGig. By the way, WiGig is a newer and faster wireless standard that allows several gigabits of transactions per second. It stands for Wireless Gigabit alliance. Though it's faster than traditional WiFi, I don't think it will replace it anytime soon!

Looking at this spec shee…

LG V20 first impressions

LG's flagship G5 wasn't all that big of a hit this year. Though the phone has a lot of great things about it, it failed to achieve the level of appeal as it's South Korean sibling, Samsung. But they've released another phone in their V series, the V20. Holding the title of the first phone to ship with Android Nougat out if the box, the V20 hopes to resurrect LG from It's current insignificant position. And these are my first impressions on the LG V20.
Last year's V10 was a confusing blend of steel and ballistic Nylon in the outer form factor. This year's V20 has a cleaner and a conservative aluminium build all around. There the type C port with speaker grills on the bottom and a headphone jack too. The power and volume buttons are on the back of the phone, classic LG.  There's a small button at the bottom of the right side frame that releases that back panel! Yeah, this is one of the few remaining phones with a removable battery. The phone is 7.6 mm at…

Apple iPhone 7! First impressions!

It's here now. The shining new iPhone for the next year, the iPhone 7. Just from a glance, is can see that a lot of rumors were pretty accurate about it. So I took a flying look over it, and these are my initial impressions.
There are two models as usual, the 7 and 7 plus. As expected, there headphone jack is no more! You'll have to use the bundled in lightning headphones. Interestingly, Apple provided a lightning to 3.5 mm jack adapter in the box! Knowing Apple, I was thinking they might sell it separately for extra charge.

Camera department has changed quite a lot. Resolution wise, both models have 12 mp sensors but the aperture is bumped upto f/1.8 from last year's f/2.2 which is good to see. The 7plus has 2 of these sensors. It's a dual cam setup with one standard sensor and the other one with a 2X zoomed focal distance. There's a nifty button within the camera app that quickly switches from the regular to the 2X zoomed, second sensor of the rear camera.

Both p…

Tech flashback: Nokia McLaren, with real 3D touch!

Remember the Nokia Lumia 1020? With the huge 41 megapixel pure view camera on the back? Yeah, it had a successor. A flagship that never hit the market. This is a tech flashback on Nokia's last Windows flagship smartphone under the possession if Microsoft, the Nokia McLaren.
The Mclaren had a lot of power trapped inside it. The most notable was the real 3D touch feature, that made use of the sensors all around the phone to recognize your palm. It could even sense your finger hovering above the display, something similar to Samsung's air gestures, but much more effective. Or at least, it was going to be.

The phone recognized the changes made in the electron distribution on the touch panel when your hand or finger approaches the screen. This triggered various built in features, like a ripple like animation on the windows tile when you hower your finger above the display. 

If you approached a tile with your finger, it would trigger a feature called Glance, where the tile approac…

Asus Zenscreen: A portable monitor

Lot of interesting things were showcased at IFA, Berlin this year. One of them was Asus zenscreen. A portable monitor that provides a second screen to your laptop or PC. This is the lightest and slimmest full HD monitor, says Asus. We can all use some added real estate to work with, via native resolution, right?
Asus Zenscreen has a flip case that acts as both horizontal and a vertical stand. It's just 8 mm thin and has 15.6 inches of LCD. It's bezels are fairly minimal, around 6 mm on either sides. Pretty comparable to most standard laptops.
A neat little add-on is that if you remove the smart case provided, it leaves a hole into which you can slide a pen or pencil to carry along with. The entire screen weighs around 900 gm for sake of portability.

The Asus zenscreen will be available for purchase at a price of 20,000 INR or $300. If you need a secondary display that's both portable and also gets the job done, Asus has got your back.
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Hasselblad True zoom: A super dope Moto camera mod!

This is the Hasselblad true zoom. A camera snap on mod for the Moto Z and Z force (Z play also included). It's meant to push the many boundaries of a smartphone camera, especially on the Moto phones. Lets have a look if it's actually any good.
This camera doesn't include it's own battery like the LG camera mod or 'friend' as they call it. It's not very heavy so to say, and packs some serious specs in paper: A 12 mp BSI CMOS sensor with 1.55 um pixel size10x optical zoom A powerful xenon flashOptical image stabilizationf/3.5 to f/6.5 aperture lensesTwo microphones at the bottomUp to 1080p video capability.
The camera quality in general terms is quite good. But it's not without it's flaws. The OIS is only for stills, for video it still relies on Electronic stabilization or EIS. So videos aren't gonna be super smooth and stable as you would expect. 

The video size, as mentioned above, is at 1080p max. No 4k, which is a shame since even tiny GoPro c…

Gaming Monster with a curved display!

This is the amazing new Acer predator 21X. A one of a kind notebook with a curved display! It's badass looks are complemented by the hardcore specs powering it. Acer wants to make a laptop that's both easy on the eyes (hence a curved display) and also a brutal gaming machine.
These are the specs that I've found: 7th gen Intel core processors ( most likely i7)Dual NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1080 GPU5 cooling fansWorld's first eye tracking technologyCurved 21 inch quad HD display4 speakers and 2 sub woofers with Dolby® audio

No word on the RAM size yet. I guess it will probably be 16 or 32 GB DDR3, judging by the remaining awesomeness.
This notebook comes with the Nvidia G-sync technology to maintain smoother frame rates on that heavy screen resolution. The cooling fans are made of ultra thin blades to minimize the noise and for more effective cooling, according to Acer.
It has a full mechanical keyboard, not the regular flat keys. They are made by Cherry® MX switches and hav…

A 9 mm slim laptop!!

This is regarded as the HP Spectre killer. The Acer swift 7 takes overtakes the spectre for the 'world's slimmest laptop' position, coming in at just 9.8 mm thick and 1.1 Kg in weight. It's definitely the slimmest, but slightly heavy than the 970 gm MacBook.

This laptop has several nice touches to it that aren't major specs, but really make a difference in usability. Like the vast touchpad which is certified as Microsoft precision pad. It's wide area allows flawless cursor movement and for some reason it feels really comfortable to use, although it's difficult to trigger the touchpad edge gestures of Windows 10.

There are twin USB 3.1 type C ports on it and also a 3.5 mm headphone jack despite the slim form factor. That's great and apple should really learn the benefit of 2 USB ports. You can charge this thing and use the other port for data transfer at the same time, without the need for any bulky hubs.

These are the specs: 2.3 GHz 7th gen Intel i5 / i…

Sony Xperia XZ (with 5 axis image stabilization!)

Sony has unveiled its flagship grade X series crusader, the Xperia XZ. This phone packs a whole lot of power under the hood but what's unique is that the rear camera supports a new technology. It's sensor is capable of 5-axis optical image stabilization.
Resolution wise, it's the same 23 mp sensor, but with a newer image processing algorithm and hybrid AF , says Sony. 
Other noteworthy specs include: A Snapdragon 820 processor ( possibly Kyro)3 GB of DDR4 RAM32 GB of on-board storage. Not sure if it's expandable.

The front camera is an awesome new 13 mp wide angled shooter. It can crank it's ISO range all the way up to 6400. This should make for some bright and beautiful low light shots. We're yet to witness it hands on. Though the specs may not be the bleeding edge of flagship standards of 2016, they're still seemingly powerful and should make for a smooth and comfortable experience. I will comment more on it in my review, so stay tuned to my site.
To me, …