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PTron Boom 3 VS Realme Buds 2: A Non-Basshead's Perspective

The budget bass-boosted earphone market is filled with some incredible choices for the price. It's only natural that you would lose sleep deciding which one to get for your buck. One such question seems to be around two particular earphones offering some top quality sound under 600 INR; the PTron Boom 3 and the Realme Buds 2 . And since at least one of you have this question in your mind ( because I literally got one comment asking me to do this ), here's my comparison between the two. Build and Design: Right off the bat, from the unboxing, I noticed the superior quality of the Realme buds. The Boom 3 just feels plasticky and hollow, maybe because they are indeed plasticky and hollow. The realme buds have a nylon braided cable, solid magnetic earbuds and a much more solid volume/microphone pod. Boom 3's feel like a toy in comparison. Then there are the functional differences, like the PTrons having one of those volume sliders which have their ow