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[Smartphones] | The design Apple never though of | Oppo Find X

New Oppo Find X! After Vivo launched the magnificent NEX smartphone , I guess it was Oppo's turn to dazzle the consumers. They have come up with something which I like to call " the best looking smartphone I've ever seen in my life ". Alright fine, its real name is the Oppo Find X . Even though the name sounds like a question on your mathematics paper, the phone itself is dope AF! Oppo has come up with a solution to the notch which even Apple didn't think of when they were developing their phone. They have managed to put a retractable tray which not only carries the front camera (like the Vivo NEX ), but the rear cameras well. It slides out when you launch the camera app. It's so Dope! Apple never thought of this! Being an enthusiast, not only am I happy that we are getting the legendary Oppo Find series back, I am also happy that they managed to put everything that I like about 2018 flagships and remove all the major annoyances from the design

[Smartphones] | Vivo NEX | A concept that you can buy!

A true bezel-killer! Vivo has managed to pull off yet another spectacular smartphone other than its concept Apex. This one is called as the Vivo NEX , and is very much available in the market unlike the Apex ( check it out ) . It's a flagship smartphone with high and specifications, 91.2% screen to body ratio, an under the display fingerprint sensor, retractable front camera, the whole package! So let's learn a bit more about it, shall we? Borrows features from the Apex! As I already set call this is Vivo's flagship offering morning that comes with top tier hardware. It's powered by a Snapdragon 845 processor 6/8 gigs of RAM 256 GB on board storage A massive 4000 mAh battery A 6.59 inch FHD+ Amoled panel at 19.3:9 aspect ratio 12 megapixel f/1.8 rear camera with 5 megapixel f/2.4 additional sensor Unlike other Vivo offerings in the (Indian) market, the front camera is only 8 megapixels. I'm really glad that Vivo is seemingly moving away from t

[Smartphones] | Lenovo Z5 | Not what we thought it was!

Not what I expected! Lenovo Z5 was probably one of the most exciting phones in recent times which was apparently boasting about insane storage and battery capacities. Now that the phone is actually launched, the excitement surrounding it seems to have drastically reduced, and for very good reason. This is a mixture of Lenovo's unconventional marketing strategy and people's misinterpretation of their teasers. The company said that the phone will have an insane screen to body ratio, a whopping 4 terabyte storage, and over a month of battery standby. Turns out, they are talking about three separate products and not just the phone. We just misinterpreted that. Of course, these confusing reveals were done on purpose because the company has far less to lose in the market that it has to gain with this kind of marketing. Lenovo Z5 managed to be the hot topic of discussion for a good while now. The 4 TB storage that Lenovo promised to us was a separate additional hard drive that t

[Smartphones] | Asus ROG phone | the "pro" gaming phone

"Game Changer" eh? There seems to be a new Contender in the world of gaming smartphones. This time however it's not someone heard company like red magic or a Chinese brand known for making budget phones like Xiaomi . It is a brand whose name is synonymous with insane gaming rigs. You probably guessed it right. This is the ROG phone by Asus ! It is still in a prototype stage, but it's stunning nevertheless. In my opinion, it is by far the most sophisticated and hard core gaming phone ever released, and here's why. First of all, look at this thing! It's unlike any other smartphone I've ever seen in my life, and probably you feel the same way too. I know I have said that same sentence for many phones this year; I can't help it. Dope gadgets tempt me too much and I can't stay loyal to a single device. It's not like it's a bad thing anyway! Coming back to the phone, the entire back of the thing is built out of Glass with a very un