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Solved! How to delete Ubuntu Grub from Windows using CMD

Dual-booting Windows and a Linux based operating systems has been a thing for a very long time now. Each OS has its own plus points, and thankfully we don't have to choose between them. But if for whatever reason you chose to delete the Linux partition and go solo with Windows, you may end up with a screen like this: This happens when you simply delete the Ubuntu (or any other Linux distribution that you previously had) from its partition and reboot straight away. You should've actually deleted Ubuntu's GRUB image as well from the boot partition so that your computer knows which operating system it has to boot, and which boot image to look for. This can easily be done using Windows Command Prompt and its DiskPart utility. But now that you're stuck in this black GNU screen, you must be thinking how to get back into Windows from GNU GRUB Screen. Here's a video I made a while ago where I go through the steps i.e GRUB commands you need to type in order to locate your