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A super slim gaming laptop/ultrabook!!

This has to be the thinnest gaming laptop I've ever seen. This is the Razor Blade, a name that sounds weird and super dope at the same time😅! Usually having machines are bulky with those cooling fans and what not, but this one caught my eye because of its thinness and the portability benefits that come along with it.  There are several variants of the Reason Blade. There's the standard Blade, the Blade Stealth and the Blade pro. 
The standard specs are pretty much what you'd expect from a powerful gaming machine A 2.5 GHz 6th Gen Intel i7 processor ( turbo boost upto 3.5 GHz)NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060 graphics16 GB DDR3L RAMUpto 1 TB PCIeSSD14 inch Full HD or QHD display options ( IPS LCD)Windows 10 with DirectX 12 visuals

The Blade Pro has a 17 inch 4K IGZO ( Indium Gallium Zinc oxide) display and an Nvidia® GeForce® GTX 1080 GPU.

The Razor Blade Stealth is an Ultrabook with a smaller 12.5 inch touch display, with 2 available resolutions: QHD(2K) with 8 GB RAM and UHD(4K…

Iman Victor: The Robocop's smartphone!?

A company from China called IMAN, has made an incredible phone that screams badass! It's called the IMAN Victor. This phone has a refreshingly rugged fit and finish, that's built to survive through apocalypse. That's are my thoughts in this dope robocop style phone!
The phone is made out of a thick chunk of metal, probably a magnesium and aluminum alloy. It's quite bulky and substantial in the hand, announcing it's presence, nomatter how you hold it. It's around 218 gm in weight, which is bulkier than the rest. The back of the phone is covered in premium quality leather that covers upto the forehead and chin of the phone, on the front. There is a small metallic rear panel below the camera housing, that's secured with special screws. The screwdriver is provided in the box and you'll have to use it to insert dual sim cards and an SD card in the slots under that metal plate. There are 4 more screws along the for corners of the phone and all these hold th…

Kodak Ektra: A retro camera phone!

Kodak is a well known brand from several decades, in cameras. They were the style symbol and are still considered as classic collectibles by many camera enthusiasts. Well, I have exiting news for such people, because Kodak have made a smartphone!
It's called the Kodak ektra, a great camera phone which aims to bring back the memories of the good old days with It.
The Ektra is a unique gadget to look and hold onto. It has a thick body made out of chrome finished plastic. Though it sounds cheap, it is very sturdy and robust. The back has the same curved bump at the bottom, which gives the feel of a traditional camera. There's even a dedicated shutter key too. The back is made out of that same leather material as the classic ektra from those days and of course, there's that huge camera ring.
The camera, obviously being the main feature of the phone, is a large 21 mp sensor with f/2.0 aperture and dual LED flash. I though there would be some optical zoom, with a phone being s…

Xiaomi Mi Mix: The Bezel-less beast!

I've always dreamed about a smartphone without any side bezels and just the touchscreen on one side. But it was never really done, up until some companies like Sharp manufactured the Aquos crystal, which has a bottom chin and top three sides were free from bezels. But it lacked a significant chunk of processing power which kept geeks like me, wishing for more. Xiaomi plans to answer all those demands with their new concept phone, called the MiMix, which has been made a reality recently✌.
The phone has a huge 6.4 inch IPS LCD display and holds an impressive 91.3% screen-to-body ratio.  It's still 1080p but is pretty crispy at 361 ppi. It's amazing 1300:1 contrast ratio gets you some incredible brightness levels. It's definitely a two handed, or maybe a three handed phone. But the near non existent bezels night make it a bit more comfortable than others. I mean the iPhone 7 plus is about the same size, which has just a 5.5 inch screen in comparison.

The specs are a…

Dope earphones from Oneplus!

Everyone wants quality headphones or earphones to go along with the modern hi-fi audio capable devices. But in a market filled with knock offs and 'fashion tech' ( you know, expensive but worthless?) We need solid equipments, without breaking the bank. I'm happy to say I've found the perfect earphones out there! These are called 'Icons' by Oneplus.
If we know anything about Oneplus, it's that they exist to prove that great tech need not be crazy expensive. Judging by the great quality of their smartphones, you'll know what to expect from these super premium earphones邏. They have excellent construction. The wires are made out of braided copper clad aluminum, for awesome endurance. The drivers on these bad boys are larger 11 mm ones as compared to the standard 8-9 mm drivers found on other earphones. Oneplus says these make use of a unique design that boosts low frequencies and gives you richer bass. They say they've achieved it by following the th…

Turn your smartphone into an instant camera!!

Meet PRYNT, the attachable pocket printer that snaps onto your phone and prints the photos you take, instantly! Tech savvy of us have already familiarised ourselves with these guys. If you're not one of them, read on below!.
It is basically a snap on accessory that plugs into your phone's data port and sticks on, like a battery case. From there, you launch their app and snap a photo or capture a short video. Hit 'print' and BAM! Fresh hot instant photo starts whirring out of the other side!! It has its own battery, chargeable via a microUSB port. So no juice sucking business from your phone here. It doesn't even use any ink, which is insanely cool! You know that else is cool? It plays video too! Yeah, you can capture a short video clip and print it out. Scan it with the app, and the recorded video starts playing on the printed photo!!  That's something what people need, a physical piece of memory that you can hold onto, or stick it on your photo album. You…

Top 5 external hard drives!

You can never have enough storage space, can you?! You moved from sd cards to flash drives and now, you find yourself in need of something bigger, say a hard drive! I've got you covered. These are my top 5 external hard drives that coat only about $80!!( 5000 INR)
#1. Toshiba Canvio 1 TB ( @3880 INR)
This hard drive is my top recommendation right now. You can get this for the mentioned price anytime you want. No need of waiting around for festivals and offers, that's a pretty good deal right there.
5400 RPM speedUSB 3.0 BUY NOW
#2. Seagate Backup Plus 1TB ( @4800 INR)
A very well known company in the storage devices business. Seagate is always a good choice to go with.

625 mbps max speedUSB 3.0 compatible
#3. Sony HD-B1 1 TB  ( @4400 INR)
A relatively new player in this zone, Sony had made a well built hard drive.

480 mbps max speed on USB 2.05 Gbps on USB 3.0 BUY NOW

#4. Transcend StoreJet 25M3 1 TB ( @4970 INR)
This is a popular HDD that you've probably already con…

A modern day flip phone!?

Flip phones have long been a thing of the past. Every phone we see these days, are the same old candybar styled smartphones. Somebody wanted to change that.
Sharp is an iconic smartphone manufacturer, well known for its bezel-less Aquos crystal smartphone. They have yet again managed to pull out of the norm and have made a modern day flip phone, that runs on Android! So let's take a look at the Sharp Aquos mobile2 602SH.
This phone is a chunky price of tech that's about 1.7 cm thick but only weighs 132 gms. There's a power button on the right hand side and a microUSB port in the bottom, for charging and data syncing. 
If you flip open the phone, you are greeted with a 3.4 inch TFT touchscreen, at a surprising 343 ppi pixel density. For a TFT display, that's plenty of clarity. Below it, of course, is the classic number pad, with lots of buttons and shortcuts. On sides of the navigation keys, there are shortcuts for the browser, camera or TV streaming service, messagin…

A transparent HD TV!!

Panasonic has taken us one step closer to having a living room like Tony Stark. You know, with all the cool interactive holograms and transparent gadgets?! This is, I believe, the worlds first transparent HD TV!樂
It is completely like a sheet of glass in standby stage, but at the flick of a switch, a black background fills up the glass and it becomes a normal functional media center! You can stream live TV,  have it display your picture gallery or basically anything you want from the internet. The resolution is just 1080p as of now, not 4K. But the awesome animations and the fact that it's just a glass slab in standby, totally makes up for it. 
They say their goal is to make technology, a part of our everyday routine and not just another separate object you keep in your living room. So you can install this tv as a glass frame in don't of your showcase. You can still see things through it when it's off!
I really dig the weather updates on this thing. It remains semi tran…

The best compact smartphone ever made!

Generally, major smartphone manufacturers have the tendency of releasing a top tier hardcore flagship, followed by a lower specced version of the same. These phones are usually smaller and have more compromises than their more expensive and powerful siblings. I'm talking about the 'mini' or 'lite' or 'compact' named phones. Like the Axon 7 mini or the Coolpad note 3 lite. These models are usually disappointing in quite a few ways. But there was one such phone which wasn't compromised in any way at all, and was still regarded as a lightweight version. I'm talking about the Sony Xperia Z5compact. I say, it's the best 'compact' version of a phone ever made! Let's take a look why!
The Z5 compact maintains the thing that appeals to the category of small phone users, the small size. It just has a 4.6 inch 720p screen. Though under the hood,  there's nothing compact about it. It has a powerful Snapdragon 810 octacore processor clocked …