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Best Wide angle + Macro lens combo for your phone under 2000 Rupees!

I am a smartphone photography and videography enthusiast. I have purchased a lot of different accessories for the same including tripods and lenses. Finding a good tripod is not a tricky task because there are lot of good options out there. A good mobile lens, however, is an entirely different story, because you never know the actual image quality of the lenses until you order and try them out yourself. After trying out a bunch of different lenses, I was disappointed, and I had almost given up on finding a good lens under 1500-2000 rupees. I was going to spring for more expensive options like the Aukey Ora , which does not come in at anything lesser than a price of 3500 Rupees. I was primarily looking for a wide angle lens because I already have a good telephoto lens (sensor) built-in on my Galaxy Note 8, and for a fact, I don't find use for telephoto lenses all that much anyway. Some lenses that I've tried had too much barrel distortion while the others had