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Xiaomi Unveils Quad-Curved Waterfall Display Concept!

  When early adopters of curved smartphone displays, like Samsung, are moving back to a more traditional 2.5D flattened screen design, other players like Oppo and Xiaomi seem to have taken a keen interest in it.   Oppo had revealed their extremely curved waterfall display a couple of months ago, and now, Xiaomi has decided to take it up a notch, with a four-sided curved screen phone concept! They're calling this a Quad-Curved Waterfall Display; a rather lazy and lengthy name. But the showcase video seems pretty far from a cheesy CG render.     The phone in question doesn't have a name yet, but the display tech is very much a manufacturable reality. Xiaomi has also written a detailed article on their blog describing the complex methods employed in making such an extreme curved edge, and their vision of this button-less, port-less phone being the future,   "Unibody no-port design, a new direction for future smartphones"   Xiaomi firmly believes that Apple's ea

Are Old Flagship phones worth it? Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - 2021 Revisit

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was an amazing smartphone back in 2018. It improved upon pretty much everything that the cautiously launched Note 8 lacked; A bigger battery, way better (stereo) speakers, Better performance, and of course, improved cameras. I am one of the many users who still own and swear by their Note 9 even as we start marching through 2021. That made me wonder, perhaps a revisit or re-review of sorts is an order for my trusty Note, 2 something years after its launch.    Should you buy an older flagship in 2021? let's take a look at how the Note 9 has aged.   The physical build is probably the least affected one here. The metal frame has a few scratches and so does the display; general wear and tear of sorts. Nothing out of the ordinary to report.   The beautiful 1440p QHD+ AMOLED Display, despite physically being at "only" 60 Hz, due to faster animations on Sammy's new One UI 2.5 software skin, feel like almost 90 Hz.      The new UI also brings