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[Hard drives] | Seagate made a 60 TB SSD!

Storage overlord! Remember Samsung released a 15 TB SSD sometime back, and everyone was pretty excited?! Well, the legendary team in the hard drive business, Seagate, have come up with the largest storage in the world. This SSD is of a whopping   60 TB capacity!  Can't really say we're among the community that needs that much storage space, but hey, storage is never too much right? It's not gonna hit the market anytime soon, but it's great to know about  the 'portable' storage solutions of the future, isn't it!  If that 60 TB capacity wasn't crazy enough, the company claims they have plans to come up with a 100 TB storage capacity SSD of the same form factor!! Huge leaps from Seagate, though I don't think it will be a new trend setter in the market or anything.  In a world where a 10 TB SSD is considered to be a luxurious purchase (at least for me), a 60 TB one is often overkill and unnecessary to many. Eve

[Speakers] | Is this the BEST budget Bluetooth speaker? | UE ROLL 2

Looking for a killer Bluetooth speaker that is loud enough to, you know , be called a speaker,  but does not break the bank? I think the UE ROLL 2 could be the one for you. Portable but powerful This innocent looking Bluetooth speaker has enough volume to it that you can hear it well outdoors. It is a good companion if you like to splash around in the pool while listening to your tunes because it is IPX7 water resistant. It is very compact, about the diameter of your palm. It even has a grippy band, so you can fit it on your hand whilst dancing around the room. The shape makes it a lot easier to carry around in your backpack too, especially since all the other options are boxy and cylindrical in shape. This just feels a lot more flat and natural to carry about yourself. Courtesy: There are some fun features packed into this speaker unit, especially the block party . Here, up to 33 people can connect to a single UE Roll and ad their playlists. One person

[Camera tech] | A levitating camera!? | Moon by 1-ring

A floating electronic eyeball! Here, at dope tech fever, I make it my responsibility to bring you gadgets and other things that are just flipping awesome. And guess what I've got for you today, a levitating camera! I'm pretty sure you've read something about levitating speakers before, right here on my blog. If you haven't, what are you doing with your life anyway? Go check it out now! Anyway, this camera is called the 'Moon' by a company called 1-ring. That is literally what they chose to call themselves, and it's admittedly pretty cool. So is the camera. 3 colors The Moon is a spherical camera that levitates on magnets and can freely rotate 360°. You can control it with your phone in whichever direction you want. It even works in pitch black conditions, thanks to IR night vision. It also has an IR blaster that can control your devices by turning towards it. So you can switch on the AC or the TV with a frigging camera, that floats t

[Camera tech] | This camera has 16 lenses! | Light L-16 camera

Weird and scary alien tech looking thing! Digital SLR cameras and mirror less cameras have ruled the world of professional photography from a long time now. They are the same boring old things, with bulky lenses and heavy bodies that might even need a tripod for a steady shot ( for lenses without OIS ). But maybe, it is all going to change, very soon! I stumbled upon this unique product that happens to be an android OS based camera device, with a significantly compact form factor, and a whopping 16 lens system for image capture! This is called the L- 16 from a company called  Light . comfortable controls via the touchscreen The camera interface itself is fairly easy to use. You tap to focus as on any typical smartphone these days, and then you hit the shutter button up top to snap the picture. It is a bit buggy and could sometimes give you that still   under development vibes while using it. But it still has a lot of things that give it the edge over traditional DSLR

[Smartphones] | iPhone X | The good and the bad!

The good and the bad! Apple's new iPhone X is easily the best iPhone ever released. Apple went from being a rather boring, outdated phone maker to being one of the hottest flagship maker after the X. But all is not well with the great X, at least not yet! The radical design change lead to some inconvenience that even Apple did not expect (or they did, but chose to ignore it anyway!). So since  I'm sure you are probably tired of seeing typical reviews, I won't be doing one myself. Instead, these are the things which I like and dislike on the iPhone X. Let's get started. What's good: _______________ That display!: The new OLED, which was long overdue, is here and it's awesome. Apple made one of the better color tuned OLED panels out there (with a little help from Sammy). It does not show majorly ugly color tints at extreme angles like the pixel 2 XL does, and it gets really bright while using it outdoors. Best display on an iPhone eve

[Smartphones] | The Razer Phone | A phone for gamers!

A gamer's phone!? You've heard the news right? Razer made a smartphone! The company was known for awesome gaming machines and other accessories, but they recently acquired a phone company called Nextbit , and probably decided to give it a shot. So how is Razer's first ever smartphone? It's dope! Why else would I be bothered with it? Let's take a closer look at this thing. NextBit Robin's brother! The phone largely follows the same design language from the Nextbit Robin. The same boxy, xperia-ish design with circular cut outs for the front camera and sensors remind me of the same phone. Even the fingerprint sensor in the power button is the same as the Robin. This phone, as Razer says, is not exactly a gaming phone. It's more of a phone made for gamers. That must include emphasis on display, battery longevity and sound right? Yeah, they've royally nailed them all! The BEST speakers ever! Let's start with those incredibly fron