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PTron BassBuds vs BassBuds Pro vs BassBuds Lite | Which one should you get?

Budget Truly Wireless Kings?! I checked out all three of PTron's latest range truly wireless earbuds named as the BassBuds series. Despite all of them being under 2000 INR , there are some key differences between the three which I think many of you would be interested to learn about. So, here is a brief comparison between the Bassbuds, Bassbuds Pro, and the BassBuds Lite. Build and Design: Though the three are very similarly priced, there are significant changes in their design.  The BassBuds Lite are like the cheap version of the Realme Buds aka Realme's version of Apple Airpods. Consumer tech is becoming a lot like Bollywood now. It all seems pretty good on the surface, but nobody can come up with anything original anymore. Anyway, the Bassbuds Lite are not only one of the cheapest truly wireless earbuds in the market, but they're also, by far, the cheapest feeling ones. The Build quality is so bad it's almost inexcusa

Andy Rubin's Billion Dollar Smartphone Company, Essential, Shuts Down

RIP Essential Everybody was pretty hyped when The father of Android Started a venture to make one of a kind consumer electronics products under the brand name Essential . The company's first phone, the Essential PH-1 made quite a lot of headlines for its unique design and the cyclops-notch design, which was one of the early designs of modern notches. One of a kind, all-ceramic beauty However, the phone only managed to sell about 100,000 units in the first year and the future sales did not seem to catch on with the mainstream consumer market as they hoped. This would've been kinda dope! They were in the news once again in recent times for unveiling a new kind of phone they were testing out names the Project Gem . But sadly, they seem to have hit way too many roadblocks in their journey and they revealed that they will be ceasing all operations in their latest blog post . " Our vision was to invent a mobile computing paradig