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[Smartphones] | Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ | Everything that's new

It's here! Last year's Samsung galaxy S8 was a fantastic device, and is still worth buying in 2018. But it is not the latest flagship from Sammy anymore. The galaxy S9 and S9+ are out, and here is everything you need to know about them. As you might've realized already, the galaxy S9 is merely a refinement of the S8. Obviously, there weren't a ton of issues with the S8 in the first place. The S9 takes the handful of annoyances with the S8 and improves upon them. Right off the bat, you'll notice the changes around the back of the phone. The fingerprint sensor has been relocated to the bottom of the camera, so it's a bit easier to reach. You see two cameras with the S9+ but not with the S9. The Bixby button is still there and there's a new color: lilac purple . "New crowd favorite" These are all the most noticeable changes in the S9 as compared to the S8. Then there are the free subtle changes like the front bezels are slightly less pr

Xiaomi Redmi 5A Review: I was wrong!

I was (kinda) wrong about budget devices The world of Budget smartphones is evolving at an insane speed. We have started to get great phones at 4 digit price tags (INR) nowadays. Of course, this isn't the first time we are witnessing cheap phones, but cheap phones that do not "feel cheap"? Now that's awesome! In the world of budget phones, Xiaomi is arguably one of the best phone makers out there. They make devices with very satisfying quality at very affordable prices. But being the flagship lover that I am, I always looked down on these phones and never considered using any of them as a daily driver for myself. I would rather use an old flagship (hence my current Galaxy S7) than a new mid-ranger. And that won't change anytime soon. But my thoughts and opinions on these budget badasses have changed a little recently because I got my hands on one of them for personal use. I got my hands on the ultra-affordable Xiaomi Redmi 5A. I couldn&

[Wearables] | Intel made some non-geeky smart glasses | Intel Vaunt

Is this what we Vaunt ? The world of wearable tech is vast and is still growing at an incredible rate. But almost all of that growth is seen in the smartwatch department, as any other form of "wearable" tech seems unconventional, foe very good reasons. The reason why smartwatches are such a hit is because you could have almost any kind of interface on them without looking like a goofy alien in public. It stays on your wrist and only comes into picture when you actually want to use it. Intrusive tech has never been very catchy among the public and the failure of Google Glass is a prime example of it. Smart Glasses be like.. That smart spectacle had a prime display, a camera, a microphone and a touch sensitive pad on the right ear side. It didn't look like a smart glass, but more like the Scooter scanning glass from Dragon Ball Z (if you got that reference, you should grow up). Now, Intel has also made a smart glass which has none of the above mentioned traits