Windows 7 is dead! How to upgrade to Windows 10 for free

As of today, Microsoft pulled the string on Windows 7 which is now dead for all intents and purposes.

If you are still on that platform, you will no longer continue to receive updates and support from Microsoft, so it's high time you Upgrade!

In this article, you will find some simple steps to follow by which you can upgrade your Windows 7 machine to Windows 10 for free.

How to get the free Windows 10 upgrade As long as your computer is running on a genuine (licensed) copy of Windows 7, the upgrade should be a breeze.
You will get the fully-featured windows 10 up and running at no extra charge for the software itself.
Note that if your machine is from around the same time when Windows 7 first came out, then you may want to consider investing in a hardware upgrade for a better experience with the new operating system.
If you're doing a fresh install of Windows 10 OS image on another system, just make sure you provide a valid Windows 7 activation key toon that system.

Solved: 10 Things To Do When YouTube Video Loads But Doesn't Play

We've all been there, haven't we? We hook up our headphones, grab some snacks, and fire up YouTube to watch some stuff.

The video page opens up, but the never-ending "loading" swirl doesn't seem to end.

The frustration sounds familiar, doesn't it? Well, there are a few things you could try before losing your head in anger.

So here are 10 things to try when a YouTube video loads up but doesn't play.

1. Clear the browser/app cache

If you're on a PC, go to the browser's settings and clear the data. This will clear all cookies, history and browser cache.

Close your browser and disconnect your system from the internet.

Reconnect it and fire up the browser again. It will work most of the time.

If you're watching it on the YouTube app on your phone, go to the app info page and clear the cached data. Then fire it up again and try to play something.

2. Switch browser applications/ website versions

This one is pretty obvious. If for some reason, yo…

PTron Boom 3 VS Realme Buds 2: A Non-Basshead's Perspective

The budget bass-boosted earphone market is filled with some incredible choices for the price. It's only natural that you would lose sleep deciding which one to get for your buck.

One such question seems to be around two particular earphones offering some top quality sound under 600 INR; the PTron Boom 3 and the Realme Buds 2.

And since at least one of you have this question in your mind (because I literally got one comment asking me to do this), here's my comparison between the two.

Build and Design: Right off the bat, from the unboxing, I noticed the superior quality of the Realme buds. The Boom 3 just feels plasticky and hollow, maybe because they are indeed plasticky and hollow.
The realme buds have a nylon braided cable, solid magnetic earbuds and a much more solid volume/microphone pod. Boom 3's feel like a toy in comparison.
Then there are the functional differences, like the PTrons having one of those volume sliders which have their own amp, whereas the Realme Buds…

This Isreali Spyware can Hack into Your Phone through WhatsApp!

Privacy and integrity have pretty much become a textbook topic nowadays. I feel it should be carved in stone as a fundamental right of a fellow internet surfer.

Let me ask you a question. Do you use WhatsApp messenger?

Well, of course, you do! There are actually more than 400 million users here in India alone, which makes it the company's largest marketplace.

Unfortunately though, even with all its "end-to-end encryption" jazz, our mobile devices may have been compromised through WhatsApp!

You may already be aware that nobody is really incognito while using a device that can connect to the internet; not completely anyway.

A couple of years ago, around 2013, a name started floating around striking fear in WhatsApp users.


It started when a Human rights activist from UAE received several suspicious links on his WhatsApp, which he sent over to the bright people at Citizen Labs research group from the University of Toronto.

They discovered that these links were inde…

Xiaomi and Oppo showcase their Under-Screen Front Camera Tech on Twitter!

It's happening y'all!

"In-screen cameras will soon be upon us!" (Imagine Morgan Freeman saying that in a serious voice)

I for one haven't witnessed such an overdue news in a while. THIS is the real solution to the notches and popups and secondary rear screens.

Self portraits are key to human survival after all!

Tech giant Oppo recently tweeted this video in Twitter showcasing an under screen sensor which works like a normal selfie camera, but disappears i to the UI when not in use.

It looks incredible in that short 480p clip, but the concept is far more phenomenal.

The fact that Xiaomi also released their version of the same tech on their Twitter account strengthens my (and Morgan Freeman's) hope that phones these sensors will soon be upon us.

The way they managed to get this to work is quite extraordinary.

They've used a transparent display cutout where a traditional punch hole camera would be.

The pixels on top of the camera are transparent when they&#…

Microsoft's New Surface Neo and Surface Duo Folding Devices For 2020

Microsoft is no stranger to dope hardware. Though they aren't usually the first ones to rush into a new trend, they make sure their presence is felt when they do arrive there eventually.
Pioneered by the likes of Samsung and Huawei, folding phones have been one of the hottest things 2019 has offered us till now.
Though the Galaxy Fold wasn't exactly all that we thought, and the Mate X is far from being commercially available, the market is obviously very much vacant for new players.

Enter the Microsoft Surface Pro line of folding devices!

There are two versions of their new devices. The Surface Neo and the Surface Duo.

The Surface Neo is more like two tablets slapped together, which opens up into a small laptop form factor.

Two 9-inch displays connected with a strong hinge constitute the entire device. You can run split-screen apps, extend the display, all the good stuff.
The Neo is running on Windows 10X, which desktop-class apps and services on it.

It's more of a workho…