The Pixel 4a is the Best Google Phone to buy!

Ever since I saw the Nexus 5 back in the day, I have been a fan of Google's phone philosophy. They made very affordable phones with respectable hardware, clean software and of course, top-notch OS updates down the line.The problems started when the ditched their Nexus line and adopted their own #MadeByGoogle shtick, making their own phones with their own Pixel UI, with the help of some other manufacturers like HTC.With these new phones, the prices saw a considerable hike, and the Pixel was now competing with eh big bois like Apple and Samsung. But there was one major thing that absolutely crowned the pixel in many people's hearts and pockets; its camera(s).
Those who could afford it would get it and reap the benefits of Google's insane HDR+, while the rest of us tried out best with the modded pixel cam apk on our Samsungs; until the "a" series phones came along!
Google launched two budget variants of the Pixel 3, namely the Pixel 3a and the 3a XL, which were ins…

Solved! How to delete Ubuntu Grub from Windows using CMD

Dual-booting Windows and a Linux based operating systems has been a thing for a very long time now. Each OS has its own plus points, and thankfully we don't have to choose between them.
But if for whatever reason you chose to delete the Linux partition and go solo with Windows, you may end up with a screen like this:

This happens when you simply delete the Ubuntu (or any other Linux distribution that you previously had) from its partition and reboot straight away.

You should've actually deleted Ubuntu's GRUB image as well from the boot partition so that your computer knows which operating system it has to boot, and which boot image to look for.

This can easily be done using Windows Command Prompt and its DiskPart utility. But now that you're stuck in this black GNU screen, you must be thinking how to get back into Windows from GNU GRUB Screen.
Here's a video I made a while ago where I go through the steps i.e GRUB commands you need to type in order to locate your Wind…

Over 13,000 Vivo Phones Discovered with Fake IMEI Numbers

Vivo and their negligent smartphone sales division have yet again allowed hundreds of thousands of phones be sold in the black markets of India with shared IMEI numbers.
It isn't uncommon for black market peddlers to sell multiple phones with either no or the same IMEI numbers on them.
IMEI frauds, though illegal, continue to thrive in India due to the sheer lack of vigilance when it comes to distribution of phones and their spare parts from the Company's warehouses to local shops.
This time, the issue came to light when Akhilesh N. Singh, Additional Superintendent of Police in Meerut, got his Vivo smartphone repaired from an authorized service station.
Later on, when he couldn't connect to a cellular network, it was discovered that the phone's IMEI no longer matches the one mentioned on the box after it returned from the service station.
This led to some further investigation down this rabbit hole, and over 13,000 smartphones with shared IMEI were brought to light.

The shee…

PTron BassBuds vs BassBuds Pro vs BassBuds Lite | Which one should you get?

I checked out all three of PTron's latest range truly wireless earbuds named as the BassBuds series.

Despite all of them being under 2000 INR, there are some key differences between the three which I think many of you would be interested to learn about.

So, here is a brief comparison between the Bassbuds, Bassbuds Pro, and the BassBuds Lite.

Build and Design: Though the three are very similarly priced, there are significant changes in their design. 
The BassBuds Liteare like the cheap version of the Realme Buds aka Realme's version of Apple Airpods.

Consumer tech is becoming a lot like Bollywood now. It all seems pretty good on the surface, but nobody can come up with anything original anymore.

Anyway, the Bassbuds Lite are not only one of the cheapest truly wireless earbuds in the market, but they're also, by far, the cheapest feeling ones.
The Build quality is so bad it's almost inexcusable. The plastic case is glossy and gross-looking. I know that it isn't sup…

Andy Rubin's Billion Dollar Smartphone Company, Essential, Shuts Down

Everybody was pretty hyped when The father of Android Started a venture to make one of a kind consumer electronics products under the brand name Essential.
The company's first phone, the Essential PH-1 made quite a lot of headlines for its unique design and the cyclops-notch design, which was one of the early designs of modern notches.

However, the phone only managed to sell about 100,000 units in the first year and the future sales did not seem to catch on with the mainstream consumer market as they hoped.

They were in the news once again in recent times for unveiling a new kind of phone they were testing out names the Project Gem.

But sadly, they seem to have hit way too many roadblocks in their journey and they revealed that they will be ceasing all operations in their latest blog post.
" Our vision was to invent a mobile computing paradigm that more seamlessly integrated with people’s lifestyle needs. Despite our best efforts, we’ve now taken Gem as far as we can and regr…

Swiggy's New Browser Extension Replaces Cuss Words with Tasty Dishes | What The Falooda!

I don't need to tell you that the internet and social media can be pretty nasty sometimes. There are of course content moderators in place but they cannot possibly rectify everything from their side.

Some people are just straight up just but others say root things only out of frustration or because they are upset. They usually feel bad about it later when asked.

So to avoid hurting someone's feelings unintentionally in the spur of the moment, Swiggy has come up with the initiative to replace offensive words with food.

They have come up with an extension for your browser which works similar to any other sentence moderation tool like Grammarly.

Forgive the 'Falooda' Ups!

Whenever it detects that you are typing or have already type something that could potentially hurt someone's feelings, it suggests alternative words for it which instantly convert the sentence from offensive to delicious humor.

I highly recommend that you check out this project of theirs and instal…