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Huawei Quits Android and introduces Harmony OS

Goodbye Android, Hello Harmony! The Huawei Ban is old news at this point, isn't it? We already know the US has forbidden Huawei from conducting business with any American affiliated tech providers and prevented direct sales of Huaewi products on US shores.   This usually would mean the ultimate death sentence for any other company, but I guess once a world leader in 5G isn't going to take this face down.   "Survival is our top Priority going forward"   As you may recall, Huawei has been consistently putting out new smartphones from the past two years even after the ban, running Android OS (which remains Open Source and accessible to everyone, including Huawei) but without Google Apps.   Though the phones were downright insane in terms of performance and hardware innovation, the software controlled by a foreign body crippled their sales and their overall control on their own product's behavior.   The Still-Photography King! But recently, the company has