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HolyHigh Truly Wireless Earphones: Competing for the Crown!

I have tried a lot of Truly wireless earphones in my time. Each one brings something new, either in terms of design, features or something entirely different. It's the same with this one from HolyHigh , another new player in the marketplace. I have checked out their fitness trackers in the past, which offer some pretty basic features. When they got in touch with me again to check out these TWS earbuds, I wasn't expecting anything new and improved from them. I said yes regardless, because I'm a sucker for free stuff! But when I actually got my hands on this thing, I was pleasantly surprised. Or maybe I just enjoy magnets way too much. Unboxing and First Impressions: I loved the build quality and the cold, slippery, metallic feel of the cradle in the hand. The earbuds themselves, not so much. They are made out of pretty basic quality plastic, so nothing to write home about.  The LED rings on the backs o the buds are the absolute best ones I’ve seen