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Vertu constellation | A $7000 smartphone!

You've probably heard of Vertu before. They make luxurious and rediculously expensive phones, for the cream of the society. It's no doubt a high rollers glam of choice. They're usually made to fit with the looks of your luxury car. This one's no different. The VertuConstellation(2017 model), not only has stellar looks, but packs some pretty respectable specs as well. So let's take a look.
The Vertu Constellation is 'handmade in England' like others in it's family. It has a leathery feeling body with a solid steel back, held together by screws. On the front, there's the classic vertu styled earpiece and solid buttons at the bottom. There's also a fingerprint sensor inside the home button. The phone feels a tad bulky in the hand, given it's 250 gm weight and 10 mm thickness. But that added heft makes it all the more premium to hold and use. A little bit of weight can dramatically improve the in-hand impressions.

A luxurious beast Let's go…

Dual camera smartphones | What's all the fuss about?

I guess you've seen some smartphones with 2 cameras on the rear (like HTC m8, HTC m9, LG G5, Huawei P9 and P9+ and many more) or maybe on the front ( like lg v10). They usually tell you that apparently, it gives better images. Its true to some extent, but how?
First thing you should know is that both camera sensors need not operate together all the time. For a regular snap, only one of the 2 cameras is used; just like any other regular smartphone. The additional sensor, which usually has a lower megapixel count but largerpixel size, is used when some extra details are required. Like more dynamic range, or in poor lighting conditions to get better details, or maybe to get an awesome depth of field( called 'bokeh' effect).
Having an additional sensor on the phone doesn't always guarantee a footage, with mind blowing clarity. Like in the case of the old favorite HTC M8; the camera wasn't 'that' good. Low light shots were smudgy and were lacking details, despi…

Bone conduction: Future of noise cancellation?

Noise cancellation has always been an important feature to look for, in a headphone. The isolation of music from surrounding noise, makes a lot of impact on the quality of the audio. But you can never get enough convenience while wearing those headphones around your ear as you'll be deaf to some sounds you should hear, like you know, your mom yelling at you?!

Bone conduction is the prefect solution for that. It's the same technique used in hearing aids. The technique uses your inner ear bones and vibrates them to make the sound reach your ear drum. The great advantage with this is that your ears will always be open. The best part audio is completely inaudible to others near you. So no annoying sound bleed with these!

This can revolutionize music industry as even the ones impaired of hearing, can hear through these! Bone conduction uses your skull bones to conduct sound so it doesn't matter if your tympanum is affected. 
A bone conductive headphone has two vibrational heads

Hover camera | The selfie drone

Hover camera Passport is exactly what it sounds like. It's a passport-like drone with a camera and is used for taking selfies and record videos. Why is it dope then? Because it has some cool tricks up it's 'propellers' that might make it worthwhile. Let's check it out.
The hover camera has a 13 mp sensor on the front. It's propellers are closed within a mesh like housing and hence are protected. You won't chip of your eyelashes with those blades or have them damaged, if you fly it into a wall. The drone's wing frames are foldable, so it's pretty easy to carry it about you, like a passport. What's cool is the way it starts to fly. You basically open up the side frames and let go, it'll start hovering. That's pretty cool right, no more take off zones. Just leave it mid air, it'll fly in it's own!

You can even adjust its height by simply grabbing it and readjusting it yourself. Just drag the drone to wherever you like, and it'…

LG signature OLED TV W | A 2 mm thin TV!?

CES has been awesome this year. A lot of cool stuff we're showcased, for us to drool over. One of those savoury tech was the LG's new signature 4k TV. It's called the W series or the 'wallpaper' series and for a good reason. The TV is just 2.57 mm thick! That is the slimmest TV I've ever seen. It's literally just an OLED sheet, with a separate dope sound bar. Here's everything you need to know about it.
The new TV is amazing. It's 4K and beautiful OLED, so that means no backlight required. The blacks are extra dark and super contrasty. The TV can produce over 1 billion types of colors, which is insane! There is also support for a wider gamut and of course, a boost in dynamic range. You get about 25% increase in brightness, over other OLED 4K panels out there, claims LG. The panel also comes with Dolby Vision™.It produces infinite contrast and supports full 4K HDR video playback too. There are 2 variants in screen real estate. A 65 inch and a 77 i…

Kodak super 8 | Film is reborn!

At CES 2016, Kodak unveiled their new hybrid camera that records video on traditional 8 mm film and audio via a digital mic. We got to see it again this year at CES 2017. It's called the Kodak super 8 camera and it has got a lot of people going crazy about it. I'm no fan of traditional filmmaking, but even I'm looking forward to see this one in the market. Let's have a look why.
The super 8 camera is amazingly built. The body and lens housing are made of solid metal and feel excellent. What's interesting is that, instead of a traditional viewfinder, there's a display on this camera. Even though you are recording video onto a film, you're getting a preview through the sensors, on a screen, just like regular digital cameras. There's a dial on the same side as the fold open display, that can control different settings and modes. There's a top handle, as well as that traditional pistol grip add-on available! They're gonna hit the sweet spot in memo…

Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom!

Asus is on a roll at CES, this year! Other than the awesome Zenfone AR, they've released another phone. It's kind of a follow up to the original Zenfone zoom, which wasn't very good by the way. They've gotten rid of the bulky sensor and adopted a much more sexy design. Let's take a first look at the Zenfone 3 zoom.
The phone employs the same camera tactic as Apple has done with the 7 plus. The Zenfone 3 zoom has two cameras at the back, one standard sensor and the other one is a 2.3x optically zoomed one.
Resolution wise, the rear camera boasts an impressive 23 mp at an awesome f/1.7 aperture, with the secondary telephoto sensor at 12 mp. The front camera is also a pretty large sensor, coming in at 13 mp.
The camera software is somewhat similar to what we've already seen from the fruity company. There's a button labeled '2.3x' which is used to toggle between the two sensors within the camera app. There's also digital zoom into 12x supported.…

Asus Zenfone AR: Google Tango returns!

Looks like Google's AR software is moving to other devices as well. The Lenovo phab 2 pro was the first one to have Tango, but it isn't the only one anymore. Asus are going to launch their own Tango capable phone, called the Zenfone AR. It's pretty dope and in my opinion, better than the phab 2 pro. Here's why;
First off, the phone look badass! I mean, look at it. The cameras are nearly tucked into a single spot and aren't scattered all over the back, like the Lenovo phone. The fingerprint sensor is easily reachable and will not be confused with the depth sensor. Also the specs are much more powerful, atleast on paper:
These are the specs: It's powered by an optimized Snapdragon 821 CPU clocked at 2.3 GHz. A gorgeous 5.7 inch QHD AMOLED display. It has world's first 8GB RAM chip!Adreno 530 GPU at 660 MHz. 4 storage variants: 32, 64, 128 and 256 GB, all are expandable. A 23 mp rear camera and an 8 mp front camera. 3300 mAh battery unit.
There's also a m…

Gionee M2017

As 2017 begins, we already have an awesome, dazzling entry to the list of premium smartphones. It's manufactured by Gionee, a company not known for such premium offerings. It's often re-branded as BLU, in some markets like the US. Anyway, let's take a look at the super expensive and classy GioneeM2017.
The phone is all about the design! I do they need to say much about how flashy this phone is. The solid gold plated metal frame, a frilled top and bottom sections, give this phone a unique touch of luxury. The phone is a bit on the thicker side though, coming at 10 mm. The back has those dual cameras, clamped around by a neat gold plate. There is a clear cut fingerprint sensor on the front, which screams 'symmetry'. The whole phone is amazingly made, like it should be. It is, after all, a glamorous show-piece of luxury.

The display is also a super crisp 5.7 inch QHD AMOLED panel at 515 ppi. It's super bright and vibrant, one of the better ones out there. The c…