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The world's most compact projector!

There have been many compact projectors before this one and none of them were worth the bother(Or atleast weren't dope enough). But I bumped into a projector called as the UO smart projector.I must say, it's pretty awesome.

It's a small cube that can easily fit into your handbag or even your back pocket. It's made out of a uniform metallic body, with a rubberised base. It feels robust and doesn't seem to have any sort of coat cutting tricks or manufacturing compromises. It has speakers on all sides and an led projector beam up front. It can project up to 720p resolution, in windows ranging from 20" to a whopping 100"! The projected image is pretty bright, at 60 ANSI lumens.

It pairs to your phone wirelessly via WiFi and also supports a wired HDMI outlet. If you don't want to listen through the built in speakers, you can always connect it to an external audio device. The UO smart laser projector charges via a microUSB port, onto a standard wall ch…

GearEye: The Ultimate gear management system

Are you a frequent traveler? Do you carry around a lot of gear with you, in a large backpack? In case you're a photographer or a tech junkie who carries around a lot of gadgets, you know how frustrating it gets to make sure all your stuff is in there. Also, you know how irritated you get when something is misplaced or lost. Well, I think I found an amazing way or keeping track of all your belongings on the go! I give you, GearEye™.

It's a small device that you always put inside your bag. It keeps track of things with the help of special stickers called as RFID stickers( Radio Frequency Identifier)邏. They respond to radio frequencies and are passive, which means they don't have and don't need their own power source.  You simply paste those stickers onto your things and give it a name on their app, that's it! GearEye will automatically start tracking them.

Within the GearEye app, you'll be notified if something is missing and you can also locate it, in case yo…

FRESHeBUDS pro: Best bluetooth earbuds under $50!

If you're a fitness fanatic or an outdoorsy person, you dwell in the world of wireless tech. Bluetooth speakers, headphones and earbuds have always been carried around at different environments. So if you're on the hunt for some great waterproof Bluetooth earbuds, then Freshebudsprois probably the best one out there right now. Here's why:

First off, they're magnetically attached to one another. That makes them super easy to slide into your pocket. There is an LED on the left earbud which is also a multi function button. It's used to switch on the earbuds and also keep them in pairing mode. Since they have magnets, once they're attached, they turn off and automatically turn back on, as soon as they're separated again! That's pretty handy and neat.

They use Bluetooth 4.1 to pair with your device and I must say, the connection is solid. They stay connected to your phone in almost all situations, ranging up to 20 feet, before distortion. That's impre…

The Snapchat spectacles!

Snapchatis starting something funky and dope at the same time! You probably have heard about the super rare and expensive Snapchat spectacles. They're only available through secret vending machines for $130, throughout the globe and also from eBay, for $800 to $2000. So what's so dope about these that has me interested in them?!樂
Remember Google glass? Yeah, this one has similar vibes to it. It has a camera on the right hand side yellow ring( after wearing) and a circular LED indicator on the left side. There's a button on top of the LED unit which lets you record 10 seconds of footage. Once you tap on it, the led ring starts spinning to let people know that you're up to something. After recording for 10 seconds, it transfers that footage via Bluetooth to your paired phone. If you want, you can stop recording mid-way, by long pressing the same button. You can still preview it in your Snapchat account and then release it only if you want to, so that's great news.…

The dope OnePlus 3T!

It hasn't even been 6 months since the awesome OnePlus 3 was launched. Now there's a successor to that beast, the OnePlus 3T. Such a quick update cycle reminds me a lot about Sony and their Z lineup. With a new flagship every 6 months, they turned off a lot of active customers. Even though the OnePlus 3T has slightly better specs, the slight increase in the price tag worries me a little, about the company's future customer response. Anyway here's what's new with the OnePlus 3T.
The OnePlus 3T has a few upgrades under the hood. It's powered by the 10% efficient Snapdragon 821 clocked at 2.3 GHz.6 GB of DDR4 RAMThe same powerful Adreno 530 GPU.64 GB/ 128 GB non expandable internal storage (Duh!)A bigger 3400 mAh battery unit.Same 16 mp rear Sony sensorA new 16 mp Samsung front camera sensor .Same 5.5' 1080p opticAMOLED display at 401 ppi.OxygenOS on Android 6.0.1 marshmallow

There are 2 colors, soft goldand gunmetal grey. The 128 GB is exclusively availabl…

VU: Premium smart TVs

There's a new notable contender in the premium 4K TV business. A company called VU has come up with a whole series of HD and UHD TVs and smart TVs at pretty decent prices. So what extra might they have to offer, as compared to the competition?

This one is the VU 4K smart TV. The top of their lineup, with two variants: 65 and 75 inches. Both TVs house an LED panel with their native PixlightHDR™technology. They promise richer colors over a wider gamut and also ultra dimming, for those deep blacks and smooth white tones.
The TV has its own game center, an app store, YouTube and Netflix to make use of.internet services.

To the smoothness of the UI I'm check, because of that massive pixel count, they use something they call "ultra smooth motion™ for motion estimation and compensation."
That's no joke, as we consistently get smooth frame rates throughout the interface.
Their TVs are plenty feature rich:

They have built in WiFi and support major screen casting stand…

A-audio legacy: Dope noise cancelling headphones!

Sometimes, it's the unheard companies that pack the biggest punch. A company called A-audio has caught my eye recently, with their awesome legacy premium noise cancelling headphones. They retail for around $300. What's so dope about these? Let me tell you.
First of all, the build quality of these is just supreme! They're so nicely made; the premium leather headband, the soft memory foam around the ear cups, the clickyness of the readjustment band, everything just screams quality! Even the hard leather carry case that you get, is pretty dope. It comes on two colors: liquid chrome and phantom black. This is another example of why you can't judge a book by it's ' unfamiliar name', especially in 2016!

The headphones have a special 3 way switch for jumping between modes. One is the regular audio mode, then there's the Active Noise Cancellation and finally my favorite, the Bass enhancement mode. The headphone isn't wireless and needs to be plugged via a…

DJI Mavic pro: The best drone ever!?

Drone lovers would've surely heard about a company called DJI. Famous for their phantom 4 drone, DJI made another drone called as Mavic, which caught some attention. It naturally had a successor, called the Mavic pro. I learned about it recently and I must say, it's pretty dope.
I didn't really dig their earlier drone's bulky design. The phantom 4 was way too big to comfortably carry around with you. This Mavic pro changes all that. It literally has no retractable parts. It's 4 propellers and support legs fold into it's body! Front two fold sideways and the rear two, fold downwards. You don't even have to take out the propellers like on the phantom 4, since they fold and stay together. The overall folded drone body is so small, it could almost fit into your pockets( with some effort). It's easily the most compact and yet powerful drone I've witnessed.

Even the controller has shrunk down a lot. There's a built in display to tell you the mode o…

Huawei mate 9 Porsche design | Innovation just got expensive!

Huawei came up with it's new offering for its Mate series the Mate 9. Catch my first impressions [over here]. Interestingly they also released another , more premium looking variant of the original mate 9, called the Mate 9 Porsche design. Yes, it has its own distinguishing factors than the regular Mate 9, but it's process of near €1400, might raise some questions and eyebrows! Why don't we find out what we're getting for such a sizable chunk of money.
The Mate 9 Porsche design has a smaller display than its sibling. It's a 5.5 inch display vs the 5.9, and it's AMOLED. The resolution is also bumped all the way up to 1440p. Yeah, it looks just as gorgeous as that on a Samsung phone, if not a tad bit less saturated. It's design is beautiful, employing the same manufacturing technique as the late Note 7( R.I.P). It has a curved display and a curved back too. Both meet at the corners, which gives it remarkable symmetry. It also makes the edges feel a lot thin…