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AI : The new arms race?

Part 2 (Link to Part 1)
In 2012 google brain team used a specific type of machine learning algorithm called Neural Networks. It was inspired by the working of the neurons in the human brain. Even though it was invented in 60's no one really cared about it since it took large amounts of data and computing power.
So when google brain experimented with this algorithm they came to realize that it outperforms every other existing machine learning algorithms. This is when the AI hype began. Everyone started chasing this (Neural networks is also called deep learning). AI started to regain its long lost glory. Thanks to the massive computing power we have today and the data (thanks to world wide web) it became easier to create AI systems than ever before.
People started solving problems that were never possible before. AI started revolutionizing banking, healthcare, manufacturing, cyber security, engineering and lot more. It not only revolutionized other industries, it also started new i…

AI : The new arms race?

Part 1
AI is went mainstream last year. But AI has been there from a long time. Since the 60's. Why it has become a hot technology suddenly?  
To answer this, let's travel back in time. To the 60's. It was 60's when the first AI boom was happened. (Also, bust) Researchers made grand claims about creating a generalized AI system that can solve any given problem in the next 20 years. Billions of dollars were invested in R&D. Suddenly everyone was hyped about this. (Just like whats happening now)
At the time, there were AI systems that could solve problems that were hard for humans. Something that required prior knowledge. Things like diagnosing a disease.
And researchers assumed that the problems that are hard for humans are hard for computers also. So if they could solve hard problems, they can solve everything else.
They completely overlooked easier problems (For humans) like character recognition. Its only a decade later they started realize that it wasn't tr…

[Smartphones] | Xiaomi Mi MIX 2s leaked, again

2018 is officially the era of smartphone notches. I would be complaining if a notice had a point in every case such as the iPhone X. Android phones, as usual, criticized Apple when the iPhone X was launched and then copied it from top to bottom. But don't worry, this article is not going to be about me ranting about how Chinese manufacturers copy Apple, and then try to stand out in comparison to them (which is nothing but plain stupidity).

We are going to be focusing about one such phone which started the trend of removing the bezels and making display big they Xiaomi MI MIX series. Particularly the Mi MIX 2S which has been in the news for quite a long time now.

If you are following the internet news on sites such as read it, Mi MIX 2S appeared a couple of months ago with a ugly notch on its forehead. The display seems to be big and beautiful as usual for the series, but I am not sure what the knots was therefore, considering the Mi MIX 2 hardened elegantly cut forehead with a…

[Smartphones] | The Vivo Apex | A working concept like no other!

Alright fine, I admit it! I was wrong about Vivo. I thought they make pretty stale, selfie oriented phones in the market, so I didn't bother covering any of the smartphones before in my blog. Hey customer camera personal standpoint your selfie camera so never any good at all, and that was the only feature about the phone which was advertised to be great, 24/7.

I thought they were was incapable of serious innovation, until I saw there under the display fingerprint sensor at CES. I never expected them to come up with the X20 Plus UD and actually manage to pull off the under the display fingerprint sensor thing, with a little help from Synaptics. I mean, for all the concepts and renders that we've seen, This phone is actually out there in the market, available for purchasing.

And just as I was beginning to think that maybe Vivo isn't just another crappy Apple photocopy, they've come with a concept phone that has left the Samsungs and Apples hanging. This insane future-ga…

[Smartphones] | An Android phone with a Notch? | Asus Zenfone 5

If you have been around the mobile market for long enough, you will know all about it it isn't that Apple faced for the notch on its iPhone X. In my fair opinion, Apple deserves all that criticism.

Being such a huge company, they should have found a better way to include the true depth array sensor without that hideous notch up top. But no matter how hideous Apple's designs turn out to be, leave it to the China phones to make it and make it popular in Asia.

Asus, who manufacture decent smartphones, decided to take a piece of the Apple pie by making an iPhone X look alike. I am of course talking about the Zenfone 5 family. That's right, there are more than one devices with that hideous notch. Asus will tell you that it's about 20% smaller than Apple's, but that doesn't make it any less ugly.

To be honest the smartphones are pretty good in terms of features and functionality. It's just that the looks are that of a cheap iPhone clone. Chinese companies have a…