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[Smartphones] | A phone with a projector! | The Moviphone

Dope? or Nope? Plenty of amazing things were showcased at CES, as every year. Synaptics with their fingerprint sensor under the display, Sony with their three new flagships, Razer with their Project Linda, and more. But among these multi-million dollar players of the mobile world, there was one phone which was designed for an incredibly narrow set of consumers. It is called as the MoviPhone ( pronounced 'moo-vee-phone') . Projector phone! Moviphone is a phone with, as you probably guessed, a projector up top. it is a lot similar to the Pico projector mod made by Motorola for their Z phone lineup. Let us take a bit more detailed look at this weirdly specced phone and see if it even has a place in the modern smartphone market of 2018. Spec wise, the moviphone is strictly low-end to mid-range.  Powered by a Mediatek MT6750V (32-bit) at 4x1.5 GHz + 4x1 GHz). Mali T860 MP2 GPU 3 GB/32 GB or 4 GB/64 GB memory combination A m

[Smartphones] | A new budget beast! | Ulefone power 3

New budget King? Have you ever heard of a company called Ulefone ? If you were alive back in January of last year, you would know about the Ulefone armor 2 , a super rugged and badass looking smartphone from CES. The company has been under the geek radar (at least to my eyes) for a while now, and looks like they ha very good reason for it. They've come up with a phone in the mid-tier segment with specs that made my jaw drop. Massive battery! It was my dad who showed me this phone. I don't know how I did not notice this one myself. Maybe I am just getting lazy since I'm not getting very good income for my efforts lately, but that's beside the point. The phone I am talking about is the new Ulefone Power 3 . The new phone has seemingly excessive hardware on paper. I never thought I would say that hardware is ever too much. But check out the specs on this thing: A 6080 mAH battery 4 cameras on the front and rear (combined) 6 gigs of RAM The (world