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Amkette EvoFox FireBlade Keyboard In-Depth Review

Amkette is a relatively well-known brand in the computer accessories space. They make high-quality USB cables, gaming controllers for phones, and other things of the sort. They have recently launched a new series of "gaming" keyboards under the name EvoFox . I've been using their affordable EvoFox Fireblade Semi-Mechanical gaming keyboard for over 3 months now , and I think it's time for an in-depth review. Price: 899 INR on Amazon . Build and Design: On first look, without the backlights on, the FireBlade gives you a pretty nice matte-finished weighty feel when you pick it up. The keys aren't overly wobbly and the whole thing feels decently well made despite having an all-plastic body. When you plug in its very well braided USB cable into your computer and the LEDs switch on, that sheds some (RGB) light on a few new minor inconsistencies. You'll notice the rather uneven paint job done on the underside of the keys, especially in the bottom row. The spray pai