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The Pixel 4a is the Best Google Phone to buy!

Ever since I saw the Nexus 5 back in the day, I have been a fan of Google's phone philosophy. They made very affordable phones with respectable hardware, clean software and of course, top-notch OS updates down the line. The problems started when the ditched their Nexus line and adopted their own #MadeByGoogle shtick, making their own phones with their own Pixel UI, with the help of some other manufacturers like HTC. With these new phones, the prices saw a considerable hike, and the Pixel was now competing with eh big bois like Apple and Samsung.       But there was one major thing that absolutely crowned the pixel in many people's hearts and pockets; its camera(s). Those who could afford it would get it and reap the benefits of Google's insane HDR+, while the rest of us tried out best with the modded pixel cam apk on our Samsungs; until the "a" series phones came along! Google launched two budget variants of the Pixel 3, namely the Pixel 3a and the 3a XL, whic