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[Tablet review] | Asus Zenpad 3S 10

Ultra premium category! Asus makes great looking smartphones or Zenfones as they're called. For the tablet loving minority among us, they have something in stores too. They've launched a new 10 inch zenpad, and this is the review of Asus zenpad 3S 10 Z500M Design : Everytime you pick it up, you can't help but to adore the elegantly machined body of the Zenpad. It's completely made out of an aluminium alloy with a machined finish to it and rounded corners for comfortable handling. It's exceptionally thin for a tablet, coming in at 7.15 mm! I'm not used to thin tablets and they feel like smooth pieces of sheet metal in the hand, to me😅. The tablet maintains an ergonomic heft of 430 gm and comes in two colors : white and grey. Since it is an obvious two handed device, you won't find any sort of discomfort in handling or carrying this thing around in your hands. Crispy 2K display Display : The tablet has a 10 inch quad HD IPS LCD panel at 264 ppi.

Dope Gaming tech from Acer

Gamers among you will know about the Acer predator series of gaming devices. They are a hardcore set of gadgets exclusively meant for handling intensive graphics. There are 3 devices in the series : predator 15 , predator 8 and predator 6 . The numbers associate with the screen sizes. So predator 15 is a gaming laptop, predator 8 is a tablet, and predator 6, my favorite, is a smartphone. Predator 15 This is the most popular front of living room gaming. Most people prefer laptops for gaming. The predator 15 has variable specs based on your region, but here are the general specs: Intel core i 7 6th gen processor , 3GB VRAM Nvidia GeForce GTX900M GPU 15' display, 4K resolution supported( another 17' variant also available) 16GB DDR3 RAM 1TB HDD+ 128GB SSD Windows 10 64 bit Apart from the badass looks and the hardcore specs, there are plenty other nifty hardware and software additions to improve your experience. You can take out the DVD drive