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[Smartphones]| This phone has two displays! | ZTE Axon M

New dope smartphone! Remember the Kyocera Echo from back in the day? The phone with that incredibly annoying hinge that attaches 2 screens together? Well, it's back! At least the concept is, anyway. And it's from ZTE this time. The Chinese tech giant has made a dual screen foldable smartphone, and they're calling it as the Axon M. The M as they say, stands for Multitasking, Multi function etc. So how is the phone anyway? One word, bold ! ZTE has not been afraid to launch this completely rebellious design into the market. In a world of slim, beautiful handsets, this phone is strikingly chunky and heavy. It has screens on both the sides which can be unfolded like opening a book, from behind. There is gorilla glass 5 protection on both sides, which gives a little peace to the mind while settling it down. Because it's a touchscreen on both sides, you'll have to be a little gentle with this one. There is only a single camera on the thing, which is int

[Smartphone review] | Google Pixel 2 XL | Worth considering?

We discovered that the smaller of the two new pixels turned it to be a sleeper candidate for ' best phone of the year' . How about the bigger brother then? The pixel 2 XL is easily the better looking one among the duo, but is it really ' that ' better? Let's find out in this Google Pixel 2 XL review. Design : The pixel 2 XL has a taller form factor, similar to most other flagships of the year. The volume and power buttons are both in the right hand side. The volume buttons are metal, as usual.  But the power button doesn't have the same click to it. The reason is that it is made of  plastic. That said, the power button has a different (orange) color on the black and white 'panda' variant of the pixel 2 XL, which is always out of stock. The black colored one has a regular black power button through. The back of the phone is made of aluminum and is covered by a thick paint-like coating. Even  Google doesn't have a single word t

[Smartphone review] | Google Pixel 2 | Could've been better!

The Google pixel of 2016 was easily one of my favorite flagships. The buttery smooth UI and the incredible cameras were it's standout features. Though the phone failed to impress me in the audio department and the pretty poor screen to body ratio, it was a phone that almost perfected the basics! And now, we have got a refresh to it. These are my thoughts on the new Google Pixel 2. Design : The new Pixel is surprisingly duller than I expected it to be. In an era of bezel haters, we have the pixel 2 with that big ol' forehead and chin up front. There's just no other word for it I'm afraid,  it's UGLY. Sure, it has front facing speakers on those dreaded bezels, but it doesn't really need to be THAT big! I mean, the Pixel 2 XL has those speakers too, but has a much skinnier bezel. That said, the pixel was never the one to incorporate industry leading aesthetics anyway. It is about doing what a smartphone is expected to do, really well. An

[Smartphones] | A fidget spinner phone!? | Chilli K188

Things just got interesting! Probably the single most popular term of 2017, which everyone is familiar with, elders and youngsters alike, is a fidget spinner. There’s something fashionable and magical and the same time about that metal fan held together with a ball bearing core. There have been all sorts of fidget spinners out there, and the only thing left to do was for someone to make a phone out of it! And a company has done it! A manufacturer called Chilli Mobiles have made a feature phone which looks like a fidget spinner, and spins like one too. It’s called the Chilli K188. This actually exists! The phone is obviously not meant to be a serious primary communicator. I mean, look at it. It’s a fidget spinner at its core. No one is going to take you seriously, if you are rocking this thing about you in public. Pretty unique! Feature wise, it is a pretty basic phone through and through. Up front, you have a 1.4 inch TFT color display, an earpiece, a

[Smartphone review] | iPhone 8 and 8 plus review| Whom is this made for?

The new iPhones were mostly greeted with yawns, instead of raised eyebrows and applause this year, and I expected it. Everyone is way too excited about the new iPhone X coming late November, and so have forgotten to give the iPhone 8 it's rightful share of attention. Notice that I said ' rightful '. In my opinion, iPhones are usually overrated. They're pretty decent phones, but are made out to be some godly devices which only kings and demigods can own. In reality, we know that even the presumably "luxurious" iPhones are prone to the same crappy issues as other phones. I'm talking about heating issues, bad battery life and of course, exploding batteries. But that's not the focus here. I want to spend a little time to go in detail about the iPhone 8 and 8 plus, keeping my eye on the positive side of things. So let's see what we can dig up here. Same form factor Design : The only thing that's new about these two phones is the gla

[Smartphones] | Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL | First impressions

They're out! The hot new Google phones are out. I 'educated' myself enough for an initial impressions on the latest Pixel 2 and the bigger Pixel 2 XL , so let's get on with it. Pretty much all the leaks and rumors that we saw were accurate, again! These people are getting talented by the day! But anyway, let's focus on the phones. Stealthy black look The Pixel 2 is the smaller one of the two with a traditional 5 inch 1080p AMOLED display on it. It still has humongous bezels on it. One would say it looks ugly by 2017 standards. Sure, it supports some loud and crispy front firing speakers now, but so does the bigger Pixel XL, and it doesn't have as big of a bezel. I feel this was a deliberate move by Google to sell their expensive and seemingly more attractive Pixel XL units more than the smaller one, but of course, I could be wrong! My favorite The larger Pixel 2 XL has a beautiful front design with some thicker than average side bezels. It co