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A solar powered battery case!?

I came across this dope and also eco friendly way of keeping your device charged. Presenting SUNNY, a solar charging battery case for the iPhone 6 and 6s, which have tiny batteries.
This case has a built in small 2000 mAh backup unit, but the back panel opens up into a larger solar panel and it can completely charge your phone's battery in around 2 hrs. Though there have been many attempts before this, Sunny is a solar charging case that actually works!
The phone completely fits inside it and there are quite significant bezels on the top and bottom. The bottom bezels have front firing speaker cutouts that redirect the bottom facing speaker's sound towards you. It even has a kick stand as an added bonus. Moreover, it looks unique and is quite rugged. It can protect your phone against considerable damage but I wouldn't recommend doing drop tests on this charging case, especially when there are solar panels in it.
The geniuses behind it have been working on it for the past …

A $7 Android smartphone!

This is another one like the freedom 251, but far better. The ChampOne C1 is India's exclusive launch which you can get for about $7.4 or 501 INR!!
The phone looks far better than the freedom 251, and has decently capable hardware as well. The key specs are:
1.3GHz Mediatek MT6735 quad core processor2GB of DDR2 RAM5' 720p IPS LCD display8 mp rear and 5 mp front camerasAndroid 5.1 lollipop OS2500 mAh battery with quick charge4G LTE enabled( most likely both band 3 and band 41 are supported)16 GB internal storage( I'm not sure of expandability yet)A fingerprint sensor!

As usual, this phone will cost about 6000 to 8000 INR after launch but you can get it for 501 INR by registering at their site. Registrations have started from 28th August and will be open till 2nd of september till 11 pm.
Reportedly, the server has already crashed and won't be available for the next 24 hrs. But that's to be expected, anyway! If you want a good budget phone for an unbelievable price…

Top 5 levitating speakers!

This may not be the first time you've heard about magnetically levitating bluetooth speakers. Basically the speaker unit will float atop a magnetic disk fixed on to the rest of its body. So between the control unit and the speaker unit, these nothing but air! It looks absolutely alien or seems to be something that is back from the future!  Well it's actually bought from a store just like every other pair of speakers and in this post, I'll give you my top 5 levitating bluetooth speakers. It might help with your purchase in case you're interested.
#1. UPPEL SC-25 LED ( @10,200 INR) This is a dope speaker that's quite affordable compared to the rest I've seen in this category. Although the build quality is just about average, the sound output is actually pretty good on these. They're probably worth taking a look at if you're buying one.
#2. Music Angel JH-FD19 ( @12,000 INR)

This is a gorgeous speaker which is built to last. Audio quality is pretty goo…

Xiaomi mi 5 after 6 months.

Xiaomi flagship mi 5 has been out for about 6 months now. It was once a highly regarded device that offers you serious performance of the Snapdragon 820 for a reasonable price of just 25,000 INR. But a lot has changed since then. With the rise of Oneplus 3 and le max 2, where does the mi 5 stand now? Let's find out!
Design wise, mi5 is still one of my favorites. It has that unique curved back which really helps with gripping onto the device. It's called 3D glass for some reason. It does attract fingerprints though, but that's pretty common with any glass surface. The buttons are all quite robust and tactile. no squeakiness or loose parts on the phone anywhere. The camera sensor is completely flush with the body and doesn't protrude in any way. So there's no wobbliness when you keep the phone on the table, and no damage to the camera either, which is great!
Speaking about the camera, it's a 16 mp sensor on the rear which has that new 4 axis stabilization built…

The Samsung Galaxy S6 in 2016!

Galaxy S6 was Samsung's most drastically revolutionized smartphone. Everything got better with Samsung devices starting with S6. Touchwiz was simpler and smoother, the build quality was super premium and the whole phone was screaming classy at the time. Not to mention the flashy twin brother of the S6 with a curved display, the S6 edge. But a lot has changed after that. You can get excellent phonea for dar lesser prices now. In the era of 'flagahip killers', where does this last year's superphone stand? Let's find out by revisiting the galaxy S6 in 2016.
Everyone is pretty familiar with the metal and glass fab, that is the S6. The entire phone has a solid aluminium frame sandwiched between two gorilla glass 4 layers that provide durability against scratches and a few drops. The problem with Samsung's glass back is that theure fingerprint magnets. They accumulate a lot of prints and look pretty dirty very soon. So you'll constantly have to clean up your phon…

The turing phone!

A smartphone manufacturers called Turing robotics gave made a phone called the Turing phone. It's no breaking news but if you haven't heard of it, I'm here to break it to you. They claim it to be hack proof and unbreakable. There is no way that you could hack or break this phone, ever. So why not have a look at it?!
This is a heavy chunky piece of metal. It's made out of liquidmorphium metal. It's really strong and will likely shatter the ground of it slips from your hands. It has no home buttons or headphone jacks it even a USB port. It has removed them to ensure total security by eliminating all potential weaknesses. Fortunately we still have WiFi. The power button and volume rocker are on the right side. There's a fingerprint reader on the left side of the phone. Even this uses some kind of double layer encryption for protection against spoof fingerprints. It's 9 mm thick body provides enough area to hold on to.
These are the specs: A 2.5GHz quad-core Sn…

5 Reasons to buy the LG G5

The LG's flagship G5 is the most underrated phone among flagships of 2016. In a world of 'galaxy's and iPhones, the LG phones quickly get ignored. But I've seen potential in this phone that makes it better than its competitors in more than a few ways and I'm trying to bring this awesomeness into the light. So here are my top 5 reasons to go with LG G5 as your premium purchase.
#1. Innovation with modularity I agree the modular design was more of a gimmick as the LG add on accessories called friends are currently only available in Korea. But still, it's one of the rare species of smartphones that offers a removable battery. And if you do get your hands on a G5 friend, you can show off by snapping it on your phone! Besides the battery life on this phone is great! Even with the smaller 2800 mAh unit, it matches the S7 edge with a huge 3600 mAh. Props to LG for their excellent hardware optimizations.
#2. Widest angled rear camera The rear camera, as you probably kno…

Top 5 smartphones under $400!

Okay, so here are my top pics of the best high performing smartphones that you can get for less than $390 or 25,000 INR. Some of these are older phones but ares till quite powerful for the price for which you get them (now..)

#1. LeEco le max 2 ( @23,000 INR)
This phone is very well known to the amazon dwellers. The leEco 2016 flagship offers extremely good specs and delivers a lot more than the asking price. Head over to my site and read my review on this thing! Click here

#2. Asus Zenfone 3 ( @22,000 INR)
This is the lower specced version of the Asus flagship zenfone 3 deluxe. There are 2 variants of the regular zenfone 3: 3GB/32GB and 4GB/64GB. This one is the 3GB RAM variant. other specs are:

2GHz Snapdragon 625 octacore processor3GB DDR4 RAMAdreno 506 GPU32GB onboard storage expandable up to 2TB2650 mAh batteryZenUI on android 6.0

#3. OPPO f1s ( @17,500 INR)

I'm sure you've heard of oppo camera phones. The f1s is mainly known for it's amazing 16 mp front camera. Read …

Galaxy note 7 S pen: feature focus

The new super awesome galaxy note 7 has a new and redesigned S pen. It has a wider clicky end now, so it won't go in the reverse way and ruin your s pen slot, like on the previous note 5, so that's good news! It also packs several new features that I really think are actually useful and not just Samsung's  'smart' gimmicks. These are the main ones: #1. Magnify This feature when active will magnify a segment of the area upon which the S pen is howering, upto 300%. It's quite handy if you want to zoom into a specific segment of a web page or something. #2. Translate
This still requires some work, but it translates or defines the word above which your S pen is howering. I say it's a work in progress because you can't select several at a time and it takes a while for the meaning to pop up using the air view. #3. Animation select
You can select a moving portion on your screen and make a short video on a loop, also called a GIF, upto 15 seconds in length. Yo…

Turn your android into a laptop!!

Everybody own and love their smartphones. But they're much more powerful than we think. An average smartphone under 5000 INR is more powerful than a geosynchronous satellite floating above atmosphere! But still we are limited by the small form factor and limited resources. What if you could use your Android as a full fledged laptop, like a Windows phone with continuum? Now you can, with Superbook.

Developed by Andromium Inc.Superbook can connect to your device via USB and can use it as the main processor unit. You can do everything that you dreamt of doing with your powerful android, but couldn't do due to the lack of functionality.

The Superbook uses an app developed by Andromium and uses the Android operating system of your phone as it's own ecosystem. Each time you get a new device, it will still work. So everything you buy a new phone, you're kind of getting a new laptop as well!

The Superbook comes with a 11.6' LCD display at an odd resolution of 768p, an 8…

A tattoo that controls your smartphone!?

This is probably the closest we'll ever get to magic! MIT Media Labs have come up with a new way of interacting with your phone. Yeah, a tattoo! And it's called DuoSkin.
It's made out of gold foil and a few conductive materials. They say it's durable and affordable. You use it as if it's a 2D touchpad on a laptop. You can interact with your phone's screen without even touching the phone! It supports single swipe gestures to control music and media. Say you're jogging and you have this on you, a simple swipe will change the track. It's similar to a smartwatch, only without the hassle of ever charging it.
It connects to your smartphone via NFC. It has a NFC coil on its thin body which interacts with your phone's NFC antenna. They showcased several models, each with a unique design that suits your style. There were plenty of custom colors to mix and match.
The applications are endless with this kind of mobility. It's only a matter of time before…

A Bluetooth speaker/battery case??!

This is a new thing out there. A battery case with a built in loudspeaker on it. It's from a company called ZAGG and it's made for the iPhone 6/6s. It's a regular snap on charging case with 1800 mAh battery built in to it. But it also has a speaker to connect via bluetooth.

Why would you need this?? Well, you may not always have a spare bluetooth speaker in your pocket, when you want that extra volume boost. Or maybe you have speakers but you need to charge your phone! With this you can do both at a time. And the best part is that the speaker part just snaps on to the frame of the case! 
Once you pair it to your phone, you can snap it off and place it somewhere and listen to your jam! There's a USB type A port on the bottom of the speaker to connect to your laptop or PC and charge up the battery inside it.

The audio output is loud, really really LOUD! I was shocked at the volume levels that you get out of this speaker case. The only downside is that, to charge your p…

Top 5 $60 smartphones

My dad asked me about these today. I thought why not!? There are people with very tight budget and want a decent phone to make the most of their money. So here are my top 5 smartphones that you can buy around $60 or 5000 INR. #1. Micromax canvas bolt supreme 4 ( @5400 INR) This is a pretty good phone for the price. The best performer that's out there. Specs are: 1.3 GHz, Quad Core, MediaTek MT6580 processorMali 400 MP GPU1 GB DDR3 RAM5 ' 720p IPS LCD display8GB storage expandable upto 64 GB8mp rear and 5mp front camerasAndroid 6.0 marshmallow2000 mAh battery
#2. Swype elite ( @4500 INR) I haven't hear a lot about the company anywhere else than home shop 18, but specs seem to be promising!
5.00-inch 1080p IPS LCD display.Resolution1080x1920 pixelsStorage16GB1.5 GHz octacore processor2GB DDR3 RAMRear Camera13 mp, Front Camera 8 mpAndroid 5.1 lollipop3050 mAh battery
#3. Oukitel U7 pro ( @4000 INR)
I've already said enough about how good this phone looks. And it's the…

Top 5 smartphones of 2016 (So far..)

2016 has been an amazing year for smartphones. We've seen so many offerings from different companies in the Indian market. I've done my best and kept the awesome features in mind while writing this list. These are my top 5 best smartphones released in 2016 till date. #1. Oneplus 3

This has to be the best smartphone get in the market. It outshines it's competition in pretty much every field, including price! It's a $400 smartphone that packs premium flagship specs and doesn't disappoint nomatter what you're doing with it. It has to be the numero Uno in my list. I've done a review of it. If you want to read my full thoughts on it, click here.

#2. Galaxy S7/S7 Edge
No doubts! While talking about Samsung phones, there's the note 7 coming up, but till what we have now, the S7 is Samsung's most premium offering. It's beautiful design, gorgeous Samsung display and that unparalleled camera performance makes it one of the best smartphones of 2016 easily!