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Things just got interesting!

Probably the single most popular term of 2017, which everyone is familiar with, elders and youngsters alike, is a fidget spinner. There’s something fashionable and magical and the same time about that metal fan held together with a ball bearing core. There have been all sorts of fidget spinners out there, and the only thing left to do was for someone to make a phone out of it!

And a company has done it! A manufacturer called Chilli Mobiles have made a feature phone which looks like a fidget spinner, and spins like one too. It’s called the Chilli K188.

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This actually exists!

The phone is obviously not meant to be a serious primary communicator. I mean, look at it. It’s a fidget spinner at its core. No one is going to take you seriously, if you are rocking this thing about you in public.
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Pretty unique!

Feature wise, it is a pretty basic phone through and through. Up front, you have a 1.4 inch TFT color display, an earpiece, a keypad and of course, the spinner core, which also doubles up as the navigation key.
It runs one of those primitive operating systems, with a very limited number of apps and features. It does support mp3 and surprisingly, also mp4 video playback. There are essential apps like alarms and calendars, there’s even a micro-USB port to charge this thing up.
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No headphone jack here either!

There is one thing that’s common between the new google pixel 2, the recent iPhones, and this K188 phone. The lack of a headphone jack! There does not seem to be any wire solution for listening to music yet, but I’m pretty sure you can still connect a Bluetooth headset to this thing. I will post an update when I spend some good amount of time on this device.

The build quality is pretty decent for the price and the battery is pretty small due to this form factor, as expected. It’s an 800 mAh unit, and the phone also takes a SIM card along with an SD card.

This phone is not at all an option for those who are looking for a decent device for their money. It has no special things to offer as a standalone phone. You have to remember that it is not a phone trying to be a fidget spinner, but it’s a fidget spinner which wants to be a phone!

That said, it undoubtedly is a unique device like no other. For someone who must have one of those spinner thingies spinning between their fingers, but also want to carry a (ideally) secondary communicator for emergencies, this could be a justifiable purchase to make.

What did you think about this fidget spinner phone? Do you want one for yourself? Let me know in the comments down below. Hit me up on facebook and twitter. Let’s chat on this more.

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