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Is this what we Vaunt?
The world of wearable tech is vast and is still growing at an incredible rate. But almost all of that growth is seen in the smartwatch department, as any other form of "wearable" tech seems unconventional, foe very good reasons.

The reason why smartwatches are such a hit is because you could have almost any kind of interface on them without looking like a goofy alien in public. It stays on your wrist and only comes into picture when you actually want to use it. Intrusive tech has never been very catchy among the public and the failure of Google Glass is a prime example of it.
Smart Glasses be like..
That smart spectacle had a prime display, a camera, a microphone and a touch sensitive pad on the right ear side. It didn't look like a smart glass, but more like the Scooter scanning glass from Dragon Ball Z (if you got that reference, you should grow up).

Now, Intel has also made a smart glass which has none of the above mentioned traits and features, but still manages to be a "smart" wearable. They're calling it the Vaunt. It doesn't have any cameras and screens, but it displays images using a laser that projects an image directly on your retina!
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Laser on the right, chip on the left!

You read that right! It shoots a laser into your eyeballs to tell you that your ex has tagged you in a relationship meme. But Intel seems to be very confident about their laser. They say their laser is a very low powered one and will never harm a single cell on your retina. I am actually (cautiously) optimistic about that.

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Google Glass was a bit too nerdy to fly!
The laser is very discrete on the outside. You can get notifications in your eye without catching any major attention from your mates. All the batteries and laser tech is hidden in the front corners, leaving the stems of the glasses empty. This was a key point where Google screwed up. They put their batteries and a freaking touch pad on the right stem, which made it rigid and unyielding to the shape of your head. The Vaunt doesn't seem to have that problem.
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The image in your eye looks something like this
What's cool is that, the laser, which is sitting on the right stem, produces a red monochrome 400 x 150 image on your eye. It's like the terminator days all over again! And since it is targeted directly towards your retina, the image will always be in focus. Also, they have used a Polaroid sheet to display it on the bottom right corner of your vision. So, unless you are directly looking at it, you can't see it at all!Pretty cool, right?

It uses Bluetooth to pair with your smartphone in which you need their app to send notifications to it. It will have support for head gestures in the future, which I honestly am not looking forward to. I don't want to sit in the cafeteria, bobbing my head like a maniac while trying to swipe through notifications or something. It might also have a microphone and a smart assistant in the future versions, which might be cool to some people. I'm personally not a fan of those things anyway.

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The Verge has taken a deeper look at these glasses, so be sure to check out their article on them.

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