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"Game Changer" eh?

There seems to be a new Contender in the world of gaming smartphones. This time however it's not someone heard company like red magic or a Chinese brand known for making budget phones like Xiaomi. It is a brand whose name is synonymous with insane gaming rigs. You probably guessed it right. This is the ROG phone by Asus!

It is still in a prototype stage, but it's stunning nevertheless. In my opinion, it is by far the most sophisticated and hard core gaming phone ever released, and here's why.

First of all, look at this thing! It's unlike any other smartphone I've ever seen in my life, and probably you feel the same way too. I know I have said that same sentence for many phones this year; I can't help it. Dope gadgets tempt me too much and I can't stay loyal to a single device. It's not like it's a bad thing anyway!
Coming back to the phone, the entire back of the thing is built out of Glass with a very unique ROG Logo, which is RGB backlit and is fully customizable. Because, what's a 2018 gaming device without RCB?

The fingerprint scanner is in a very Peculiar position and shape. But I noticed that it is easier to cover with your finger in landscape mode. It is understandable because this phone is designed to be used a lot in landscape mode for gaming.
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I'm digging this red-and-black Ultron like color scheme!
There's a unique 3D vapor chamber cooling system built into it which helps it stay at maximum performance without throttling for 5 times longer than similar competitors. There is a luxury which is included in the box that plugs into the phone's USB type C ports on the SIDE and has a fan buult into it to cool the device.

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Two extra USB type-C ports on the side!

That's right, I said the USB port on the side! The phone is operational USB type C port and headphone jack on the bottom, along with two additional USB ports on the left side! It helps the phone to plug into a dock and also help you to charge the phone while holding it in landscape without the wire getting in your way.
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Cooling fan attachment!
The fan cooling accessory also has an additional USB type C port on headphone jack so that can still plug-in your headphones while holding it in landscape mode. See? I told you I've never seen another phone like that in my life!

There are a ton of other accessories available with the phone as well. They are all separately sold, obviously. there is a really cool docking station which allows you to use this phone call away the mouse and keyboard. It's something similar to a Samsung Dex.

There is even a Nintendo switch like controller system that you can plug into the left and right side of the phone and connect it to their wireless receiver for some living room gaming action.
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How to be a Streaming GOD!
There is another screen mirroring feature which is dedicated for twitch streamers where you plug the phone into one side and it Mirrors the display on the other. Other than mirroring, you can pull up live twitch chat on the phone while having the game on full screen on the other display. It's somewhat similar to the ZTE Axon M which we have seen earlier.

Performance wise, this thing is an absolute Monster. It's obviously running on the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset, but it's a custom made chip exclusivity for this phone. It has been overclocked to a whopping 2.9 GHz!

Along with that, there's 8GB of RAM and 128 / 512 GB of built-in storage. It has dual Sims, without a MicroSD card slot.

There isn't too much Buzz around the cameras yet, but a company says it's essentially the same setup as what we would find on a Zenfone 5Z

Another interesting feature is that, this phone has squeeze functionality just like Google pixel 2. By squeezing the phone, you can enter into the X mode, which means you can block the notifications and enhance gaming performance just with a squeeze!

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Pressure sensitive area on the right corner
The right side of the phone, along with the volume and power button is tomorrow there is even a unique pressure-sensitive button called as air trigger. This allows you to select specific points on the display and trigger them by tapping on the area just like you would do on a gaming console's controller.

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90 Hz AMOLED display!
Interestingly, the Air trigger button also access hey shutter button for the camera by default.

One of the most polarizing aspects of the entire phone has to be that display. It's a 6 inch 2160X1080 Amoled display with a whopping 90 Hz refresh rate. Sure, the Razer phone has it beat in terms of raw numbers on paper, but this Amoled display looks a lot better than the Razer phone's average LCD panel. And frankly, on a mobile device you can't tell the difference between 90 hertz refresh rate and 120 hertz refresh rate.

Front firing stereo speakers on this thing perform as expected. Loud and shockingly Powerful.

Battery on this phone is a 4000 mAh unit along with ROG hypercharge Technology. This should last you quite a long time on a Wi-Fi gaming session (5 hrs according to Asus).

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A true gaming phone, wouldn't you say?
So, there you have it. This was everything that you needed to know about the new ROG gaming phone, which is really just called the ROG phone. The only thing that is not known at the moment, and what concerns me is the price of the device. I hope it isn't something crazy like $1,500 or more because the accessories and the quality of the phone does not look cheap.

Anyway, just because you can't afford something doesn't mean that you can't stop to adore / drool over it for a while, right? That's the beauty of Technology. It's always pushing boundaries and leaping to the next level just when we think that it's come to a saturation point.

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