Best Wide angle + Macro lens combo for your phone under 2000 Rupees!

iVoltaa universal wide angle lens for mobile phone

I am a smartphone photography and videography enthusiast. I have purchased a lot of different accessories for the same including tripods and lenses.

Finding a good tripod is not a tricky task because there are lot of good options out there. A good mobile lens, however, is an entirely different story, because you never know the actual image quality of the lenses until you order and try them out yourself.

After trying out a bunch of different lenses, I was disappointed, and I had almost given up on finding a good lens under 1500-2000 rupees. I was going to spring for more expensive options like the Aukey Ora, which does not come in at anything lesser than a price of 3500 Rupees.

universal wide angle lens for mobile phones by iVoltaa

I was primarily looking for a wide angle lens because I already have a good telephoto lens (sensor) built-in on my Galaxy Note 8, and for a fact, I don't find use for telephoto lenses all that much anyway.

Some lenses that I've tried had too much barrel distortion while the others had black borders in the corners. That's when I came across this rather unknown brand offering pretty promising package at a very affordable price tag. I decided to check it out and was blown away by the quality delivered, both in terms of build quality as well as the lens clarity.

universal wide angle lens for mobile phones by iVoltaa

I am talking about the iVoltaa Wide angle + Macro combination, and here's why I think is the BEST lens combination that you can buy at 1500 rupees today.

Unboxing and First Impressions:

I like the fancy packaging it comes with. It's a refreshing change from all the cheap boxes I have seen throughout my life.

Sliding it out from the top, you are greeted with good quality carry case, inside which you will find the lens itself, the clip-holder, a microfiber cloth, and an instruction manual.

The lens comes with good quality lens covers both on the top and bottom, which is always a plus. As soon as I picked up the lens, I was taken aback by how heavy it is.

It's entirely made out of pretty thick layers of aluminum and feels very premium to the touch. Remember, most of the time, heft indicates high quality.

The universal clip is made out of plastic, but it is very study. The spring mechanism seems robust and will probably not fail anytime soon.

As you know, it is a 2 in 1 lens kit. You get a macro lens as well as a wide angle attachment in the box. The bottom part is the Macro lens and on top of it, you screw in the bigger lens to achieve a wide angle effect.

Once you screw it into the universal holder, it fits very snugly and does not wobble even a bit. I am very impressed with this product in terms of its build quality for the price.

Lens quality:

universal wide angle lens for mobile phones iVoltaa

Now, let's get to the part where almost every single lens I have tried up until now have failed me, the lens quality itself.

I was absolutely delighted when I clipped it on my Note 8 and found that there are absolutely no black borders and no blurriness in the edges. This was the level of perfection that I wanted at a reasonable price.

Note that it is only a 0.45x Wide Angle, so, you will not notice a huge difference before and after clipping it on. Check out the video above for more details. But it's good enough to take some really good looking shots.

Take a look at the samples below. First one is without the lens and the second one is with the lens attached.

universal wide angle lens for mobile phones

smartphone wide angle lens

hemanth shenoy

iVoltaa wide angle lens

It does make a pretty noteworthy difference, doesn't it?

Here are some macro shots I took. I am not very good with macro photography, but I did what I could.

iVoltaa macro lens

iVoltaa macro lens

iVoltaa macro lens

iVoltaa macro lens

I believe that I've found just what I was looking for, and I will be using it on pretty much all of my future photos and videos.

iVoltaa wide angle lens

If any of you are mobile photography enthusiasts like me and looking for an exceptional pair of wide-angle + macro lenses at a very reasonable price, I am absolutely delighted to recommend this iVoltaa Kit to you.

Check it out on Amazon if you are interested.

iVoltaa wide angle lens

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