The Cheapest Truly Wireless earbuds on Amazon : Are they any good?

Arbily TWs earbuds

Looks to me that the truly wireless earbuds space is getting a whole lot bigger each day. I am witnessing more and more new players in the game who are offering amazing value for your money.

In the process of testing out all these new TWS devices, I myself switched over to the wireless side. I'm currently using the SENCER TWS 5.0 as my daily driver earphones. you can check out my full thoughts on that awesome pair of ultra- affordable earbuds here.

Soon after I worked with SENCER, another company named Arbily asked if I can check out one of their more affordable T02S wireless earbuds. Obviously, I said yes. After using them on and off for over a month, here's everything I have to say about 'em.

Build and Design:

My current earbuds have a swiveling cradle. You have to hold the body with one hand and rotate its butt with the other. It's nice and tight (the rotation, you perverts), but is a pain to do with one palm.

My fingers are slightly longer than average, so I've gotten used to opening and closing the cradle with only my left palm during lunch, but this new one is so much easier!

You just press the handy little button up front, and Boom! The top lid swings open, and allows you to easily pull out the earbuds from their magnetic beds (Just like my manager pulls me out to work on weekends).

Arbily TWs earbuds

The quality of the earbuds themselves is not that great though. They have actual clickable buttons on their back instead of a capacitive touch surface. That's kinda cool, because some people prefer physical buttons as they avoid accidental touch interactions. I agree to a certain extent.

I have accidentally hang up on my mom, twice, on the same call because my palm or finger brushed against the earbuds that I was wearing. She wasn't exactly proud of her son at that moment.


The cradle of these earbuds opens up real easy, but it is quite a bit flimsier than the other options I have used. Be gentle with it, or you might accidentally snap off that Iid.

Connectivity and Usability:

Arbily TWs earbuds

Connecting these earbuds to your phone is a fairly simple task. You first have to power on the 'master' earbud, Which is the right one and connect it to your phone. Then, power on the left one. They will automatically pair with one another.

If we talk fit and comfort, these earbuds do not come with any extra wing-tips in the box. The ones that come pre-installed on the earbuds may not be tall enough for all ear types. My ear ridges are pretty narrow, so it barely manages to stick on. If you get these, I recommend giving them a little more twist towards your face to ensure they fit as snugly as possible.

The controls are pretty much standard. Single click on either earbud to pause/play media. Double click on right to skip ahead and left to skip to previous track.

Arbily TWs earbuds

Interestingly. pressing and holding on the button for about 4 seconds brings up the Google Assistant. Yes, there's no way to control the media volume, which can get annoying sometimes. But I have to admit, the ability to fire up the assistant and ask it to call someone without even lifting your phone is quite useful at times.

once connected, the range is pretty good. I can easily walk up to 15 feet before the audio being played starts to crackle and break up.

Speaking of audio clarity, let's talk phone calls.

Sound and Call quality:

Arbily TWs earbuds

The audio quality through phone calls has been pretty good in my experience. Callers could hear my voice pretty clearly, almost as if I was speaking on the phone's microphone itself. Answering and ending are simple thanks to the buttons.

for music though, I was sort of disappointed. The lack of depth in the music and often sharp sounding treble discouraged me to a point where I stopped using these and went back to my old pair.

Now, let me get something straight here. I switched over to a better pair because I have dozens at my disposal. Not because the audio quality was outright trash.

It's actually pretty decent if I give it some thought. But not enough so as to convince me to change the lines that I've written above. Besides, I've been spoiled by nicer earbuds a couple of months before I got these. So... Yeah!

Final verdict:

Arbily TWs earbuds

The Arbily T02S earbuds are priced at only 2699 INR or roughly 38 USD! That's cheaper than the Sencer TWS 5.0 earbuds, which are awesome at their own price.

To be honest, if your budget allows it, you can pay 1000 INR more and get the SENCERs instead of these, in favor of higher build quality and better audio quality for music. They're also more comfortable.

But, if you want to get a pretty good taste of the "truly wireless" realm by spending as little as you can, I can't think of any other pair that I would rather recommend as of know.

Arbily TWs earbuds

There you have it! The cheapest Truly Wireless earphones that don't completely suck! I'm pretty sure I've titled this article something along the same lines.

Tell me which is your favorite pair of headphones. be it wired or wireless. Whatever. I'm desperate for comments, so feed me!

Check out my socials at Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (help me reach 10k, so I can tell myself I'm not a total loser. Thanks).

Assuming that I survive long enough, see you with another awesome tech "article" soon! Cheers!


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