HolyHigh Truly Wireless Earphones: Competing for the Crown!

HolyHigh TWs earphones

I have tried a lot of Truly wireless earphones in my time. Each one brings something new, either in terms of design, features or something entirely different. It's the same with this one from HolyHigh, another new player in the marketplace.

I have checked out their fitness trackers in the past, which offer some pretty basic features. When they got in touch with me again to check out these TWS earbuds, I wasn't expecting anything new and improved from them. I said yes regardless, because I'm a sucker for free stuff!

But when I actually got my hands on this thing, I was pleasantly surprised. Or maybe I just enjoy magnets way too much.

Unboxing and First Impressions:

I loved the build quality and the cold, slippery, metallic feel of the cradle in the hand. The earbuds themselves, not so much. They are made out of pretty basic quality plastic, so nothing to write home about. 

The LED rings on the backs o the buds are the absolute best ones I’ve seen yet. They pulsate slowly in soothing cyan; real Tron like vibes. The backs are also touch sensitive, as expected. But I’m not too happy with the way they’ve designed the controls on these things, more on that later.

HolyHigh TWs earphones

The sliding mechanism is a bit too heavy on the bottom end, so it closes down way too easily when tilted slightly vertically. I guess it is supposed to fall shut with minimal effort to give that satisfying click sound.

Connectivity and Pairing: 

Pairing them is not like how the other options in the market work. You have to take out both the earbuds together and manually turn them both on, at the same time. They don’t automatically enter pairing mode as soon as they’re out of their charging cradle, which can be slightly inconvenient sometimes.

There is no master earbud which guides the audio through the other one. They both sort of work in tandem.

HolyHigh TWs earphones

Connectivity strength was pretty good once connected. They can easily retain connection even at distances over 6 feet between the device and the earbuds, which is a lot more than required, in my opinion.

Sound and Call quality:

Call quality has been unsurprisingly great on these. With everything I have seen, I expected them to be pretty good, and they are. The right earbud reads out the name of the caller or the number tats calling you, which is pretty standard. I wish it sounded on both earbuds, because I often wear only one during work, usually the left one. You can’t speak with only one, as the right one acts as the primary one during phone calls. 

HolyHigh TWs earphones

Audio quality is excellent while listening to your favorite tracks. They have plenty of bass and an overall warm sound signature. Just make sure that you have changed the ear tips to something that fits your ears very well, because as I’ve mentioned many times before, a snug fit is essential to create the bass effect when it comes to in-ear headphones.

HolyHigh TWs earphones

Remember I mentioned that I’m not the biggest fan of the controls? Here’s why: The left earbud is responsible for increasing volume via a double-tap, which is fine. But the right one does not bring it down. It cycles through the entire volume up levels before it comes back down to zero! Also, the right ear skips to the next track with a double-tap, but there’s no way to come back to the previous track. It’s just, weird.

HolyHigh TWs earphones

This design does not make sense to me. Why would you give an option to increase volume up by a step but not immediately reduce it? I mentioned this to them and they asked me what would be a better way. I said they could’ve given volume up and down to the left and right earbuds via double-taps and ling presses would skip tracks forward and backwards in the same way. They just responded with an “ok, thanks”.

Well, I tried!

Battery life and Charging:

HolyHigh TWs earphones

Charging this thing completely takes about an hour on a normal 1.5A charger. I don’t recommend using a fast charger with this device, or any Bluetooth device that you have for that matter. They are supposed to be charged slowly to ensure longer battery life and better health.

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Upon being fully charged, these TWS buds can last you easily over a week, given you use them at 75%volume for about 2 to 3 hours a day. That’s pretty great stamina and I think it will satisfy a lot of customers. That last sentence has a pretty dirty meaning to it, doesn’t it?


Final Verdict:

So, how do the HolyHigh TWS earphones hold up compared to the competition? Pretty damn well, I must say!

HolyHigh TWs earphones

For the price, they are a direct competition to the excellent SENCER TWS 5.0 which are slightly better than these in my opinion, so these wouldn’t be my first recommendation.

But they do drop their prices on occasion buy a small margin, which would make them a compelling option. If you are willing to wait for such occasions to order, then you found yourself a great deal. If you are impatient and want the best that you can get under 5000 Indian Rupees, the SENCER TWS continue to be the absolute best in this price range.

There you have it. Thanks so much for reading through, assuming that you did. Feel free to check out my socials at Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I hope you’ll come back when I drop the next post.


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