The Pixel 4a is the Best Google Phone to buy!

Ever since I saw the Nexus 5 back in the day, I have been a fan of Google's phone philosophy. They made very affordable phones with respectable hardware, clean software and of course, top-notch OS updates down the line.

The problems started when the ditched their Nexus line and adopted their own #MadeByGoogle shtick, making their own phones with their own Pixel UI, with the help of some other manufacturers like HTC.

With these new phones, the prices saw a considerable hike, and the Pixel was now competing with eh big bois like Apple and Samsung.
But there was one major thing that absolutely crowned the pixel in many people's hearts and pockets; its camera(s).

Those who could afford it would get it and reap the benefits of Google's insane HDR+, while the rest of us tried out best with the modded pixel cam apk on our Samsungs; until the "a" series phones came along!

Google launched two budget variants of the Pixel 3, namely the Pixel 3a and the 3a XL, which were instant hits! Who doesn't want that crispy pixel camera magic in a sub $400 price bracket?
This one's from the leaks; pretty accurate, huh?!
The same goes for this year's phones with a few changes to the product.  Coming in at $349, the Pixel 4a is looking to be the new king of budget camera-centric phones in the Android side of things.
If you have been following along the leaks and rumors on the web, you'd know that the pixel 4a is late; and was supposed to be priced at $399 originally. I suppose Google wanted to sweeten the pot and make up for the delays by shaving off the 50.

That's all cool; let's learn more about the phone.
The device is not looking to win any design awards with a polycarbonate body and a Gorilla Glass 3 on its display upfront. It does feel noticeably weaker than any other budget metal-glass-sandwich phones we see out there from those Chinese brands.

But in order to keep a decent margin and deliver the phone at a lower price, corners need to be cut, and that's understandable.

Google has opted to put in the trusty rear-mounted fingerprint sensor for biometrics. I'll gladly take it over the gimmicky radar tech that they have on the Pixel 4 series which ended up being banned in certain parts of the world.

There are no multiple variants this time either. Just the one phone in Just Black color variant and a single 5.8" Screen Size option.

That's perfectly fine, as I don't care much about flashy colors on a mid-range device, and neither should you if you are in the market for one.
All that jazz is reserved for flagships who don't have to cut corners in quality.


In terms of hardware, all you need to know is that the phone comes with 6 GB RAM and a SnapDragon 30G processor.
Credit: GSMArena
The display is just 60 HZ, no crazy refresh rates here; as a result, the 3140 mAH battery lasts a very long time.

They did not go ahead with the newer 5G enabled SD760 chipsets, because that's going to be a separate phone; the Google Pixel 4a 5G, which will be priced at $499 when it drops later this year.


Let's talk about the main selling point, the camera. Yes, sadly no plural here as we still only have a single 12 MegaPIxel wide sensor on the back and no sign of an ultrawide. Why you do this Google?

But that said, I wouldn't want my phone to be littered with useless camera sensors that are practically trash, like the "macro" camera on the OnePlus Nord. 
I like the Nord for different reasons, but the Pixel 4a has taken a much more practical approach to cameras, and it shows!
Taken from Google Store

AI Portrait mode
"Capture the Cosmos" with the Astrophotography Mode (*bring your own tripod though)

The images are crisp, with incredible dynamic range in each shot, still with just a simple point-and-shoot action. It still struggles with quality video though, where the similarly priced iPhone SE2 does a far better job.

Two worlds; one price tag (kinda!)

But all the features seen in their top-tier flagship, like astrophotography and that magnificent AI-based portrait mode are all here, and they work just as good.

And yes, the 8 Megapixel Selfie camera does an excellent job too. For the Best phone under 400 USD for still photos, look no further than the Pixel 4a.


Well, it doesn't take in-depth knowledgeof quantum physics to say that the Pixel 4a is a darn good deal for the price; or to say the word "darn" either for that matter.

I'm glad that Google has maintained the no-nonsense trend in their "a" series phones this year as well, and I hope they do the same for their upcoming Flagship, the Pixel 5. 
So, to conclude I say, not that you need any more of it, but Power to you, Google!

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